The Anything-But-Boring Story Behind The CBD Brand A Boring Life, Its LGBTQ Founders

The Anything-But-Boring Story Behind The CBD Brand A Boring Life, Its LGBTQ Founders

By Javier Hasse and Natan Ponieman.

A Boring Life is an organic CBD hemp extract line of snacking products, hemp tinctures and dog gummies created by chef Jennifer Johnson and her business partner and wife Serafina Palandech.

The duo created the company after a successful run with Hip Chick Farms, an organic chicken brand launched in 2014.

After struggling with health issues, the couple decided to move to Boring, Oregon — hence the brand name — and start an organic CBD hemp business.

From Chez Panisse To CBD 

Johnson’s experience as chef at Alice Waters‘ Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California made a crucial difference. The founder was also previously executive chef for the Getty family in San Francisco.

“So many of us are looking for a way to feel better. A Boring Life makes chef-curated snack foods infused with CBD and hemp to improve well-being and support a more relaxed lifestyle.” said Palandech, A Boring Life's CEO and co-founder.

The couple was named two of the most innovative women in food and drink by Food & Wine Magazine. Their products have launched in multiple grocery store chains, on the company's website and are set to launch soon on, Inc. AMZN

An Organic Background 

The co-founder placed an emphasis A Boring Life being a chef-developed brand.

“There are very few founders with an established background in the organic food industry, and with a renowned chef behind the recipes. This means you get products that don’t just help you relax, but that have unique, curated flavors,” Palandech told Benzinga.

She also discussed the pair’s previous experience running an organic food brand.

“Having previously founded and grown an organic food company, I know how to scale quickly, economically and strategically. I possess a level of professionalism sometimes missing in the cannabis world of start-ups.”

Seed-Stage Fundraising 

The company is part of the new cohort at the "seed-stage" marijuana business accelerator CanopyBoulder. Through the accelerator, A Boring Life is raising capital for growing their business.

"I encourage interested investors to connect with us to find out more," Palandech said. 

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A Boring Life CEO and co-founder Serafina Palandech, left, with wife and chef Jennifer Johnson. Photo courtesy of A Boring Life. 

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