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Sex, Music And Weed: Vape Maker PAX Labs Launches Insights And Tends Program

September 3, 2019 7:27 am
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Sex, Music And Weed: Vape Maker PAX Labs Launches Insights And Tends Program

PAX Labs has launched a brand new insights and trends program, PAX Pulse.

In quarterly surveys, the company will highlight consumer habits and preferences around cannabis consumption and comes as part of PAX’s larger efforts to track cannabis trends and provide insight into how culture is changing as cannabis becomes destigmatized.

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This first PAX Pulse survey focuses on key themes such as frequency of use, sex and dating, music and cannabis, and more. The results show a shift in behaviors and attitudes when it comes to preferences around how folks unwind after a long day and elevate social experiences.

  • Among respondents who consume cannabis, 79% said they prefer to wind down with cannabis over alcohol and tobacco.
  • In the bedroom, a whopping 92% say they experience better sex when they incorporate cannabis or cannabis-derived products.
  • And when it comes to music, classic rock (50%) and hip hop (39%) were ranked as the most popular genres to listen to while consuming cannabis.

"Cannabis consumption has long been stigmatized, but as legalization gains more momentum, we're seeing a big shift in attitudes around it. That's why we've launched our PAX Pulse—so we can better understand how people are really exploring cannabis and incorporating it into their day-to-day lifestyles. We're excited to see what we uncover," Jeff Resnick, Director of Consumer Insights at PAX, told Benzinga.

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Photo from Pax.com


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