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How Does Weed Impact Sex? New Report Offers Answers

August 27, 2019 3:30 pm
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How Does Weed Impact Sex? New Report Offers Answers

Article by Peter Gigante, Head of Data Research at Eaze, and Liz Klinger, co-founder and CEO at Lioness, provided exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis for publication.

Longer. Faster. Better. More.

The interplay between intimacy and cannabis is familiar to many consumers, who have long used it to enhance their sex lives. But marijuana’s effect on orgasms has largely been documented only anecdotally — until now. To better understand the plant’s impact on sex, Eaze partnered with Lioness — maker of smart vibrators with climax-tracking sensors — to study THC and CBD in the bedroom.

Here’s the big takeaway: Cannabis can enhance your orgasms no matter who you are. While a satisfying sex life is the result of many variables, cannabis can increase the length, frequency, and quality of your orgasms and pleasure sessions whether you’re single or married, solo or with a partner, young adult or silver fox.

Report data was collected via an online survey and journaling. The survey was conducted by MarketView Research and completed by 432 Lioness newsletter subscribers across North America from 6/23 to 7/1, and consisted of all genders and non-gender-conforming consumers. Journaling included a group of 19 Lioness users who volunteered to try different products with their device and record their experiences per session; six products were tested (one per category of vaporizer (DomPen Pineapple Coast/ Hempbase Topical Thunder), edible (Plus Sour Blueberry/ Vital Leaf Tinctures), and lubricant (OmEdibles Body Oil / KushQueen Ignite) for THC and CBD).

Key takeaways:

  • Longer. Cannabis increased the longevity of pleasure sessions for 64% (solo) and 73% (partnered) of respondents.
  • Faster. Cannabis eased reaching orgasm for 63% (solo) and 71% (partnered) of respondents.
  • Better. Cannabis made pleasure sessions significantly more satisfying, whether solo (85%) or with a partner (79%).
  • More. 43% (solo) and 48% (partnered) of respondents said adding cannabis resulted in more orgasms for many respondents.

Other fun facts:

  • THC-infused edibles and vapes were most effective at increasing the number of orgasms, followed by CBD edibles and vapes.
  • Married people were the most likely (81%) to report increased duration of partner sessions with cannabis; followed by single (69%) and widowed/separated/divorced people (71%) during partner sessions.
  • 84% (partnered) and 80% (solo) of respondents reported cannabis helped them find sex toys more pleasurable.
  • When compared to sex with alcohol, cannabis creates more intense orgasms (66% vs 2%), longer sessions (57% vs 6%), and more satisfying foreplay (55% vs 3%).

It’s worth noting that there is no magic number when it comes to cannabis dosing to enhance sex — it’s important to find what works for you. Survey respondents greatly ranged in the typical amount of cannabis they used.

Longer Sessions

Cannabis can increase the longevity of your sexual experience — whether you’re partnered up or riding solo.

Using cannabis to spice up your married life? Married respondents reported lengthier sessions, with or without their partners.

Additionally, respondents who self-identified as medium-dosing consumers experienced longer sessions under the influence of cannabis (82% much/somewhat longer) than others who self-identified as high (63%) or low (70%) dose consumers.

Which cannabis product helps you stay in the pleasure zone the longest? THC edibles appear to have the most significant impact on orgasm length and frequency. In general, respondents found THC products to be marginally more effective in enhancing their sexual experiences than CBD products.

More Sessions

Longer sessions? More orgasms. With or without a partner, respondents (who typically have an average of two orgasms per session) found that they experienced a greater frequency of orgasms with the aid of cannabis.

Interestingly enough, high-dose consumers were more likely to have multi-orgasmic sessions in general, with or without the aid of cannabis. Similarly, high-dose consumers were more likely to experience an increase in orgasms during solo sessions with cannabis (62% said more orgasms, vs 36%/41% low and medium dose, respectively.)

Those who identified as daily or frequent cannabis consumers were more likely to report orgams with the help of cannabis, with (49% Daily, 54% frequent, 34% infrequent) or without (48% Daily, 49% frequent, 23% infrequent) a partner.

THC edibles were once again found to be the most effective sexual aid in these cases. Although respondents reported an increase in orgasms with both THC and CBD, THC edibles consistently yielded the highest number.

Easier to climax

Up for a quickie? Respondents found that cannabis helped shorten the time it took to achieve orgasm, with or without a partner. The anecdotal and empirical evidence we collected indicates that the effects of cannabis helped shorten the time between the start of the session and the orgasm.

We observed respondents who are typically high-dose or frequent cannabis consumers report that it was easier to achieve orgasm during solo sessions. High-dose consumers experienced easier orgasms with cannabis during their solo sessions (71% much/somewhat easier vs 60%/62% low and medium dose respectively).

Respondents who use cannabis at least once a week reach orgasms easier with the aid of cannabis with (72% Daily, 74% frequent, 64% infrequent) or without (69% Daily, 65% frequent, 48% infrequent) a partner.

Additionally, respondents who identified as parents more frequently reported easier orgasms with the use of cannabis than their non-parent counterparts.

In addition to reaching climax easier, Lioness data found that the duration of each orgasm itself increased by 14% and 46%, and was associated with greater self-reported masturbation satisfaction. For reference, the average orgasm in the study lasted for 33.6 seconds with cannabis.

Satisfaction with Orgasm Quality 

Participant satisfaction with orgasms was found to increase thanks to cannabis across a variety of groups. Whether they were alone, with a partner, using a sex toy or identified as a frequent cannabis consumer, it was clear cannabis made their climaxes more enjoyable.

Respondents also found cannabis enhanced their experience with sex toys.

Married people reported experiencing more pleasure from sex toys with the aid of cannabis, with (87% much/somewhat more likely vs. 77% single) and without a partner (90% much/somewhat more likely vs. 85% single).

Similarly, sex toys were found more enjoyable by those who were more frequent cannabis consumers.

In those who experience occasional pain during sex, participants reported that cannabis helped mitigate pain during climax.


Dope, so cannabis can improve my sex life… but what kind works best? We took a look at the effects of THC vs. CBD, as well as different product forms, on sexual experiences. Here’s what we found:

  • According to both self-report data and vaginal contraction data from the Lioness vibrator, both THC and CBD helped masturbation sessions last longer — on average 12.6 minutes with 1.6 orgasms with the use of cannabis. For each individual, CBD and THC respectively increased median time masturbating by 51% and 138% (compared to sober).
  • Lioness data found cannabis made it easier (faster) to reach first orgasm — the amount of time to first required to reach initial orgasm decreased by 15% and 25%.

  • Lioness data revealed the impact of cannabis on amount of orgasms per session. Sober sessions typically produced 1.2 orgasms, while CBD raised this average to 1.57 and THC to 1.66.
  • Generally speaking, THC and CBD both facilitated easier orgasms. The CBD vape, however, produced the most subjective reports of effortless orgasms.

While CBD products improved the intensity of orgasm and reported satisfaction, the most intense and satisfying Lioness sessions were reported after consumption of THC vapes and THC edibles.

In the Lioness journaling dataset, 34% of users started out describing initially reported unpleasant moods. Of these users, 85% reported more positive feelings after masturbating—unsurprising given the context!

As a whole, THC lubricant sessions were the most likely to enhance participant moods, taking them from solid ground to cloud nine.

Cannabis compared to alcohol

The study also found that sex with cannabis is a more positive experience than sex with alcohol.

Interestingly, the study found the older you are, the more likely you are to have sex under the influence (either cannabis or alcohol). The 21-34 year old age group more rarely engage in sex under influence of either substance than their 35+ counterparts.

Want to replicate the data report yourself? Experiment and explore cannabis, CBD, and pleasure with Eaze and Lioness!

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The preceding article is from one of our external contributors. It does not represent the opinion of Benzinga and has not been edited.