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Flowhub Launches Cannabis Inventory Management Mobile App

July 3, 2019 12:20 pm
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Flowhub Launches Cannabis Inventory Management Mobile App

Flowhub, a Denver-based inventory management and POS platform for dispensaries, just launched its new Stash App, a first-of-its-kind application for mobile inventory management in cannabis.

The Stash App is custom-built to streamline dispensary operations, maximize efficiency, and reduce inventory management cycles.

“Manually tracking data from a desktop and spreadsheets increases the chance for human error and discrepancies, and is a major drain on business resources,” the company explained. The Stash App was built to solve this problem, with a modern solution that allows dispensary managers to efficiently audit inventory (for compliance and tracking purposes), transfer inventory (between multiple store locations), and move between rooms to control inventory availability and accuracy.

Green Dragon, a cannabis enterprise with 12 locations in Colorado has been using the Stash App with the mobile NUG, and said what used to take them 60 minutes now takes only five minutes.

"Some of the world’s leading retailers are adopting mobile solutions to help streamline business operations and provide the best customer experiences," Kyle Sherman, CEO of Flowhub, told Benzinga. "The cannabis industry is no different. Managing inventory is a physical job and it requires your workflow to move just as much as your product.”

That’s why the company created the mobile Stash App: to give dispensaries the speed, accuracy, and flexibility required to compliantly track inventory movement with confidence. With Stash, inventory managers reduce the time spent on manual tasks by as much as 90 percent, allowing them to audit in real time, quickly find discrepancies and easily move product between stores to create a seamless process that’s focused on enabling business growth, Sherman assures.

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Images courtesy of FlowHub.