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Finding A Creative Traffic Path To Trading

Finding A Creative Traffic Path To Trading

Trading at night or during the evening hours has its own set of circumstances making it different from daytime trading. Nighttime traders deal with trading during times with lower liquidity.

The differences faced by traders are similar to the way driving on the freeway at different times of the day will influence the route and the time it will take to reach the destination. Travel during rush hour, when the roads are packed with cars and traffic will move slower. More creativity is needed to determine the path to be taken in order to arrive in a timely manner.

Drive when traffic is light and a much easier path can be taken, enabling a much faster arrival time. The starting and ending points are the same. However, the time it takes as well as the necessary route may require more time and creativity, depending on the traffic conditions. This is true for trading no matter the chosen system.

Commitment is massive. If transitioning from a full-time job to trading for a living is the desired goal, the commitment must be in place.

A successful trader shared how he spent a year studying before attempting a single live trade. Working 80-plus hours weekly, his wife pregnant with their first child, he chose to sleep less and trade the European session during the early morning hours in the US.

Like traveling through traffic, this trader had to use a creative path for trading until he could quit his six-figure, 80-hour a week job. It comes down to what a trader is willing or not willing to do. If the commitment is there, the creative journey through traffic will be possible.

Trading at night or in the early morning hours requires more patience since there is less volatility present. Mastering a system, having multiple charts and checking the news to see what the public is thinking about is the best way to see where the volatility (volume) will be.

It’s hard work to become a professional trader. It isn’t difficult, but it is hard work. Whether trading with low volume during the night or early morning hours, or trading during the day with regular volume, education and commitment are key. All scenarios require creative traffic paths to reach the end point or the desired goal. Think about what is important and where the passion lies. Then, make the necessary commitment. Plot the path through the traffic to reach the destination and have the determination to follow it through.

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