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Nadex Looks To Expand Forex Binary Expirations After Volume Doubles Year-Over-Year

The Nadex average daily volume on contracts increased 106 percent in 2013 compared to 2012. See release HERE. Traders are realizing the benefits of trading binaries on a regulated exchange and the benefits Nadex price ladder binaries offer.
Nadex already expanded its forex offerings so far in 2014 by adding around the clock expirations almost every hour of the day on EUR/USD and USD/JPY.
This past week, they added intraday two-hour binary contracts on Nikkei 225. 
Now as binary traders continues to grow, they are adding AUD/USD and GBP/USD to their around the clock binary schedule. The additional binary contracts for GBP/USD and AUD/USD are scheduled to be released for trading effective March 3, 2014. 
The intraday AUD/USD and GBP/USD binary contracts that are being added have narrow strike widths of 10 ticks than the 20 tick wide dailies. This offers greater precision and more opportunities for traders to take advantage of trading during the Asian and London trading sessions. They have also added post-market hours of 4 P.M. and 5 P.M. ET.

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If you trade in the evening or even later in the day, or maybe you have a day time job and are looking for a low-risk way to trade in the evening, this may be a solution for you. You can trade small or medium market moves, news, strangles, iron butterfly/iron condor, exit when strike hit via limit order touch strike strategies and more.
What Markets and Expirations Are Availble On Nadex Binary Contracts?
Below is a chart of the expirations for Nadex binary contracts. (Effective March 3 GBP/USD and AUD/USD will have the evening 8 P.M., 9 P.M. 10 P.M., 11 P.M., 12 A.M., 1 A.M., 2 A.M., 3 A.M., 4 A.M., 5 A.M., 6 A.M., 7 A.M., 8 A.M., 9 A.M., 4 P.M., and 5 P.M. expirations availble that are shown on the chart below).
Nadex Binary Expiration Schedule From
Who is Nadex?

The North American Derivatives Exchange is based out of Chicago and is regulated by the U.S. Futures Tradingicon1.png Commission (CFTC). Nadex allows traders to trade binaries and spreads on foreign exchange (forex) markets, U.S. and International Stock Indices, and Commodities like gold and oil. Trades can be opened and closed before expiration and NADEX is not trading against you.

How Can Nadex Binary Contracts Be Used?

These contracts can be used to trade strangles on GBP and AUD news, directionally, range bound and premium (time) collection strategies.

For example, you could buy a strike under the price; if the market moves up stays flat or even down some, you can profit.

You could buy a strike above the price risking $5.00 to make $95. Or risking $500 to make $9500.

Examples Of Nadex Trades

To see examples of trading the news on Nadex binaries and spreads, see these articles posted on Benzinga, click here.

Learn More About Nadex Binaries

On Nadex, the markets are open from as early as 6:00 P.M. ET to as late as 5:00 P.M. the next day, giving the ability to trade day and/or night on intraday, daily and weekly contracts. 

If you would like to learn more about trading Nadex binaries, check out this 16-video course, absolutely for free, on Marketfy.

To see examples of trading on Nadex binaries and spreads, see these articles posted on Benzinga, click here.

To learn more about how to trade binary options and for indepth binary trading strategies, tools and trade rooms see

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