How Yewno|Edge Makes Monitoring Key Stock Developments Easy


Yewno|Edge, a front end investment research tool powered by artificial intelligence, takes millions of pieces of unstructured financial data to provide helpful summaries and valuable insights into stock market activity and an individual company’s prospects. Yewno|Edge was designed to help investors cope more effectively with the “information overload” that can result in analysis paralysis and adversely affect their performance.

As most financial market professionals know, timing plays a crucial role both in successful trading and investing. Yewno|Edge gives you an “edge” when it comes to market analysis and research so you can improve the timing of your market entry and exit points.  

This information also allows you to establish “ahead of the curve” positions before other analysts without the benefit of this useful tool might come to similar conclusions. Keep reading to find out how the Yewno|Edge platform can be used to monitor key stock and market developments. 

The Yewno|Edge Platform

The Yewno|Edge research platform searches through and singles out events that can impact the price of a stock or market sector. It also generates a sentiment score that reflects how a stock may be impacted positively or negatively by an event. 

As the image below shows, millions of pieces of information from thousands of constantly updating and reputable data sources, like global patents, corporate filings, news and scientific articles, populate Yewno’s Dynamic Knowledge Graph which powers Yewno|Edge.

Yewno’s Dynamic Knowledge Graph. Source: Yewno

Yewno|Edge’s state-of-the-art financial research platform also stimulates investment idea generation through its multiple useful features that include:

  • Watchlist: This basic screen lets you monitor a list of stocks of your choice with respect to price, price changes, price ranges and sentiment indicators as well as fundamental data and other market metrics. 
  • Strategy Builder: This feature allows you to turn your ideas into actionable investment opportunities. The Strategy Builder can backtest portfolios and run feasibility studies, as well as combine alternative data with fundamental analysis to help you make more intelligent stock picks. You can build a strategy on any theme and return an investment list for your basket or portfolio.
  • News and Events: Yewno|Edge’s news feed is powered by AI, and updates relevant news with links to original documents in the platform’s Key Developments Module. Unlike traditional search engines, Yewno|Edge’s concept driven keyword search is 1,000 times more powerful. It goes beyond titles and headings to find indirect news connections like geopolitical events and company relationships. News stories sourced through Yewno that have relevance to your portfolio are further quantified with a sentiment score to suggest how the relevant stock may react. 
  • Concept Exposure: The Concept Exposure Module identifies all events relevant to your investment universe, which includes non-traditional risk factors such as tweets from major political figures. Other risk factor examples include the coronavirus pandemic, trade wars and election results. Since this module highlights any concept that may directly or indirectly impact the price of stocks in your portfolio, it helps keep you one step ahead of the crowd. 
  • Portfolio Exposure: The Portfolio Exposure Module lets you see the big picture with respect to the non-traditional risk factors and other exposures to your portfolio. Yewno|Edge gives you an understanding of both short and long term risks by combining concept exposures based on the weightings of the stocks in your portfolio.  

Yewno Templates

After signing in to Yewno|Edge, you’ll be prompted to select a template or start a blank workspace. The premade templates allow you to start using the platform right away, while the blank workspace gives you the option of building your own customized template. The premade templates you can choose from are:

  • Basic Template: This template is designed to monitor the market through key data points and a watchlist you can use to locate relevant news articles that could affect your investments. You can also add technical indicators and studies to the advanced charting tool in this template.
  • Pro Template: The Pro Template monitors the market and your portfolio integrating basic functionality with Yewno Relationship. This template helps you better understand the connections between different companies with respect to suppliers, customers and events, as well as how these interrelationships could impact a company and its stock price. 
  • Risk Template: The Risk Template integrates basic market and portfolio monitoring functionality with Yewno Alternative Insights. This template lets you leverage the Yewno AI to see how companies interconnect through their business network of suppliers, contractors and customers. It also gives you insight on how a disruption of the supply chain or another variable could lead to a domino effect within an industry or a set of interconnected businesses. The Country Exposure feature lets you assess a company’s exposure to a country via financial data, relevant news and its supply chain. 

All of the premade templates include Watchlist, Company Profile and Official Filings windows. They also feature the useful Key Developments Module window described further in the next section. 

Yewno|Edge’s Key Developments Module

The Key Developments Module summarizes in real time all the major developments from Yewno’s various information sources that could affect a stock and related stocks. Yewno’s AI tools comb through over 10,000 news articles daily to extract relevant information on companies and concepts.

Yewno|Edge Key Developments Module window: Source Yewno.

This application is capable of detecting news affecting an individual stock, a specific sector, or the market as a whole. You also get access to sentiment data that can indicate how a news item might impact the price of a stock. The filter search bar appears in the top left corner of the Key Developments window where you can screen news items by company, concept or list. You will be able to enhance your search to spot trends that you didn't know could have an impact.

Once a search is initiated, Yewno|Edge’s AI basically locates all news items pertaining to the search criteria. You can then just click on a headline to see a pull down window of an AI-generated summary of the Key Development. You also get a link to the original source article and a list of other companies that might be affected by the item.

The module also lets you use several filter options, such as by sector or country. You can also filter by Inference or Corporate Events. 

The Inference filter lets you input a time frame of up to one year for news items. The module then lists the relevant news with the most recent items presented first. The list includes the time of the release and the Key Developments Headline. A list of other companies affected by the news appears on the right of that headline. 

In contrast, the Corporate Events search gives you a choice of event types. It also lets you know when the company releases earnings, guidance, shareholder meetings or other key company related news items. 

Yet another of the module’s useful features is the Concepts filter that lets you select the most important text in reports and news stories. This powerful search feature is much more efficient than a simple keyword search. It helps you filter out noise in order to better understand the connections involved between various information elements. 

The AI also generates a sentiment score for each Key Development that reflects how market sentiment may perceive the company as a result. It also lists sentiment scores for all the companies potentially affected by the development. Even if a news story doesn’t explicitly mention other companies affected, the Yewno AI can detect relevant connections by inferring a company’s relationships to other firms via its extensive information database.  

Benefits of Yewno|Edge’s Key Developments Module

If you’ve ever spent the extensive amount of time needed to research companies to find good investment opportunities, one look at the Yewno|Edge Key Developments Module will convince you of its value to any serious investor or trader as a major time saver. 

Furthermore, the module’s cutting edge concept search engine gives you potentially impactful information about a stock or industry you might never have observed on your own. Although such information may not appear relevant at first glance, it could nevertheless directly or indirectly affect the price of an asset or the market for an entire sector. This can give you a real analysis edge over competitors who might miss such subtle connections. 

In today’s fast moving markets, timely access to relevant information can be the most valuable asset for savvy traders and investors who use fundamental research. If you are looking for an AI assisted financial informational portal, you should really check out how Yewno|Edge has taken market research to the next level. Apply for a free 14-day trial by clicking here.

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