Binge-Watching All The Rage With Youngsters: 68% Of Millennials Prefer 'The Netflix Way'

Binge-watching is as popular today as it has ever been, Statista reported.

Consumers appear to no longer favor the traditional TV series model of one new episode per week and prefer the ability to watch as many episodes as they want at a time, Statista said while citing a study by YouGov. Specifically, 68 percent of people who were surveyed within the 18 to 34 age demographic group prefer the "Netflix, Inc. NFLX way" as opposed to just 17 percent who prefer week-by-week releases. But switching over to a different age demographic reveals a different story, Statista continued. Forty-four percent of respondents that are aged 55 and older prefer to stick with the TV format and just 27 percent want the ability to watch all episodes at their own leisure and binge watch. This Chart Shows Why Netflix Pricing Strategy Is Working 58% Of Americans Binge Watch TV; Here's Why They Do It

Here is Statista's chart, which breaks down the YouGov's findings by age group.

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