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Want to Take a Break from Your Mortgage? Here's How!

Want to Take a Break from Your Mortgage? Here's How!

It’s all about instant gratification right now. Want another pair of black leggings? Buy now for free shipping. Groceries for pick up? There’s an app for that. Supper, drinks and dessert from 3 different places are just a few taps away.

Convenience doesn’t have to stop with life’s little luxuries. Get the same flexibility — and instant gratification — in your homeownership with Haus.

What is Haus?

Haus breaks the traditional rules of real estate. It isn't a bank or a lender. Haus is a co-investor and shares in the equity of your home.
The Haus co-investor concept was created by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp. The idea is that instead of taking on debt, you share the risks and the rewards of homeownership with Haus as your co-investor.

Instead of paying off a mortgage, you make your monthly payments to Haus through your Haus Account. That payment goes toward purchasing more equity and pays the startup and its investors.

In exchange, you get real-time access to your equity, plus discounted monthly payments. You’re still the owner on title and retain all the rights of ownership.

What Can Haus Do for You?

With Haus, you can see the financial benefits instantly. The company reports that you could expect a 30% lower monthly payment than the average traditional mortgage payment.
You can still change up your mortgage with Haus if you’ve already purchased your home with a traditional mortgage. You can work with Haus to replace all or part of your mortgage.

Tap into Your Equity

Keep in mind Haus invests with you in the part of your home you don’t already own. Any equity you’ve built you get to keep. But the Haus model can add benefits traditional financing can’t like equity for cash or buying more equity through Haus to build your equity faster.

Tapping into your equity instantly is 1 of the major perks Haus offers. If you own your home free and clear—you can still open a Haus Account and get instant access to your equity without taking on additional debt.

Home Types Eligible

Haus invests in both single-family homes and condominiums. It aims to partner with people who live in their homes the majority of the time. It requires you to live in your home at least 10 months per year, so don’t plan on Haus to co-invest toward your AirBnB investment. You can still rent your own up to 4 weeks per year.

Haus doesn't currently support TICs (Tenancy in Common), land, mixed use or multi-tenant purchases. It does hope to add new property types soon. The service is currently active in Washington, California and Oregon.

Why Haus?

Owning a home with Haus can be more affordable and flexible than with a traditional lender. The co-investment model can reduce your monthly payments, and you can buy more equity anytime or sell when you need cash without getting an expensive home equity line of credit.

Hop over to Haus right now for your estimate. You’re just a few taps away from the instant gratification of real-time access to your home’s equity.


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