Fintech Focus For May 13, 2021

Quote To Start The Day: “Man is the cruelest animal.”

Source: Friedrich Nietzsche

One Big Thing In Fintech: In addition to new venues, more new order types are likely in the US equity market this year. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the introduction of periodic auctions in the US by Cboe Global Markets. The exchange has been using the mechanism in Europe where periodic auctions last for very short periods of time during the trading day to help market participants find liquidity quickly with low market impact, while prioritizing size and price.

Source: MarketsMedia

Other Key Fintech Developments:

  • Moody’s, Team8 fund VisibleRisk.
  • Solana secures $60M fund for EM.
  • TT, CloudQuant launch partnership.
  • MX is awarded for Best Workplace.
  • MEMX has hired on new leadership.
  • thinkFolio partners with Wave Labs.
  • Small Exchange adds US oil future.
  • Swift is positioning for CBDC future.
  • Broadridge closes Itiviti acquisition.
  • Inside SaltPay which raised $700M.
  • Bloomberg adds pre-trade analytics.
  • eBay to issue loans to businesses.
  • Pomelo taps $9M for payment tech.
  • CME grows suite of CVOL indexes.
  • BMO testing a special needs portal.
  • Brex, TravelBank team on rewards.
  • Aurora is added to NEAR Protocol.

Watch Out For This: Thirty-five years after the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine exploded in the world’s worst nuclear accident, fission reactions are smoldering again in uranium fuel masses buried deep inside a mangled reactor hall. “It’s like the embers in a barbecue pit,” says Neil Hyatt, a nuclear materials chemist at the University of Sheffield. Now, Ukrainian scientists are scrambling to determine whether the reactions will wink out on their own—or require extraordinary interventions to avert another accident.

Source: Science Magazine

Interesting Reads:

  • 5 modern bridges pushing bounds.
  • Analysis: LA MedTech ecosystem.
  • Hedging gets frantic as puts soar.
  • Unpacking the Middle East conflict.
  • US gas tops $3/gallon on shortage.
  • Amazon wins EU battle over taxes.
  • Goldman guy wins big in dogecoin.

Market Moving Headline: A worrisome bout of inflation struck the United States economy in April, with consumer prices for goods and services surging 0.8 percent, the largest monthly jump in more than a decade, and the year-over-year increase reaching its fastest rate since 2008.

The acceleration in prices, which has been building for months, has unsettled financial markets and raised concerns that it could weaken the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic recession.

Source: Al Jazeera

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