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Fintech Spotlight: OVTLYR Launches Behavioral Analytics Tool For Retail Investors

Fintech Spotlight: OVTLYR Launches Behavioral Analytics Tool For Retail Investors

OVTLYR, an AI-driven behavioral analytics tool for retail investors, formally announced its web-based platform launched for free, as a pilot.

As part of the development, Benzinga chatted with co-founders Mark Gorzycki, as well as Mahesh Kashyap.

What Happened: Gorzycki and Kashyap are financial services and behavioral analytics veterans.

Alongside the rise in active trading by retail investors, due in part to the commission-free and gamified trading revolution, Gorzycki and Kashyap saw a need for an AI-driven investing platform -- a tool that boils down sentiment into favorable stock entries and exit.

“Our end goal is how can we make OVTLYR affordable for the masses,” Kashyap said. “It’s not just for traders, it can be for people with busy lives, someone who doesn’t want to be very active, but not passive, as well.”

OVTLYR’s behavioral analytics tools, which support over 1,000 of the largest assets by market capitalization, on the NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges, are unique to fundamental and technical indicators.

“It’s what we think of as smart sentiment,” Gorzycki said. “There are things that exist today that measure sentiment in various forms. Some are statistical and NLP, while some are news approaches. All that’s fine, but we find it to be incomplete because on the one hand, even if it is accurate -- those metrics are ignoring how people are likely to behave.”

In fact, according to the team at OVTLYR, people often behave heuristically, as opposed to in rational capacity; “the human brain is roughly 275,000 times more efficient heuristically than it is with type two slow-thinking,” Gorzycki said.

Why It Matters: The launch of OVTLYR coincides with recent individual stock volatility, fueled in part by speculative commentary on online forums like WallStreetBets.

The events that transpired leading up to and after the rise of shares in stocks like GameStop Corporation (NYSE: GME) were devoid of fundamentals and hurt both retail and institutional investors.

“There’s always going to be those guys who are late to the party, getting in on a short. They’re also going to be late to the party getting out, and it can be very damaging,” Gorzycki added in reference to demystifying price action and providing investors the tools to mitigate risk.

In a testament to the product’s efficacy, Kashyap tested OVTLYR on his personal account, recording and posting the results on YouTube.

“I am up almost 20% using the same data, in the last three months,” he noted. “One stock pick was up 49% in January, alone.”

Innovation Outlook: OVTLYR is filling a gap, democratizing access to actionable stock market sentiment insights.

Going forward, the company is looking to build an app, and expand the depth and breadth of its product portfolio.

“For now, it’s web-based,” Kashyap said. “We’ll probably build an app, as well, and add a lot more features.”

To learn more or sign up to OVTLYR, click here.

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