Benzinga licenses actionable, market-moving stock news content that is both original and aggregated.

Benzinga’s editorial team cuts through the noise to provide unbiased content for your users’ news-driven investment decisions. More than 800 original pieces of content are produced each day and are licensed out through our Stock News API.

Benzinga’s stock news content always:

  • Covers all items which could cause a stock to move
  • Has timely, actionable coverage of such news items
  • Is clear, concise, and in layman’s terms

Our APIs offer a variety of ways to integrate news data, including REST API, TCP streaming, and RSS feeds. Stock news APIs have never been easier to implement on your platform.

Benzinga news content is broken down into tailored channels that can be customized to fit any budget.

Newswire Versus Aggregator

Newswires like Benzinga originate the content in-house instead of relying on external sources. In other words, Benzinga generates the content that is delivered in real-time. Aggregators scrape the web for second-hand content making them slower and prone to a massive amount of repetition and noise. While aggregators often provide delayed information and limit content to headlines, Benzinga’s Newswire allows for fully embedded articles in real-time. Users will no longer have to leave your site to get all of the information that they need.

Data field descriptions

ID Unique ID of the output
author Author of the article
created Created timestamp, HH:MM:SS format
updated Last updated timestamp HH:MM:SS format
title Title of the article
teaser Teaser content, or short summary
body Timestamp of the conference call, HH:MM:SS format
url Url to the website displaying the article
image If there are images included, the array will display the url
channels List of channel taggings, categorized by specific news channels
updated Last updated timestamp (UNIX)

Benzinga’s data samples are intended to provide a data sample large enough for testing data quality and application for the financial markets. These sample files demonstrate a sample of the formats and content that can be delivered.

Please refer to our documentation for all of your API integration needs, including parameter queries and  other technical information.

News FAQ

Can the Stock News API be displayed?

The Benzinga Stock News API is built to be displayed on your platform.  You can fully embed the entire story and image on your site for user consumption.

What is the coverage?

Benzinga Stock API covers the Wilshire 5000, the TSX, and 1000 other popular tickers.

How many articles per day?

Benzinga posts between 130-160 full length articles, with images, per day.  For platforms focused on day trading and algorithmic trading, we also publish between 600-900 real time headlines per day.

Are images included?

Images are included for our full length stories, which many brokerages leverage to bring life to their mobile and desktop platforms.

What is your competitive advantage?

What sets our content apart is the speed, objectivity, and clarity of our news.  Our publishing team is finance focused – they focus on delivering the most important news as soon as possible while limiting noise.

Is there a delay?

Benzinga Stock News API is not delayed.

Is this an RSS feed?

The Benzinga Stock API is delivered by API (pull) or TCP (push).  The news is fully embeddable – you can publish the entire headline, body, and picture on your platform.