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Looking for a comprehensive and reliable source of Conference Call Transcripts? Benzinga creates a real time transcripts feed, so investors can stay in the know, while the call is happening.
  • Delivery Frequency/Timezone:

    Intraday API/ EST

  • History:

    From 2010

  • Coverage:

    Wilshire 5000 + 1000 additional US equities

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The Benzinga Conference Call Transcripts API is a sophisticated and reliable solution designed to provide seamless access to earnings call transcripts from public companies worldwide. Our API is tailored to meet the needs of financial analysts, investment professionals, and developers who require comprehensive, real-time access to corporate earnings calls for enhanced decision-making and analysis.


Comprehensive Coverage: The Earnings Call Transcripts API offers extensive global reach, providing access to earnings call transcripts from a diverse array of public companies listed on major exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, and LSE. Users benefit from a rich database of historical transcripts, enabling in-depth trend analysis and research across various sectors and geographies.

Real-Time Updates: Stay ahead with real-time access to the latest earnings call transcripts as they are published. Our system ensures timely delivery of transcripts, coupled with an efficient notification system that alerts users through webhooks or email whenever new transcripts or updates are available, ensuring you never miss a critical earnings call.

Detailed Metadata: Each transcript comes with comprehensive metadata, providing valuable context for better analysis. This includes essential details about the company such as ticker symbols, CIK, ISIN, and exchange information. Additionally, the API offers speaker identification, allowing users to pinpoint and analyze statements from key executives like CEOs and CFOs, facilitating a deeper understanding of the dialogue.

Search and Filter Capabilities: Our API boasts robust search functionality, allowing users to easily locate specific transcripts based on company, date, or relevant keywords. Advanced filtering options enable precise data retrieval by sector, exchange, or other customizable parameters, making the research process more efficient and targeted.

Data Integration: Designed for flexibility, the API supports multiple data formats including JSON, XML, and CSV, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. Well-documented API endpoints simplify data retrieval, enabling smooth integration with third-party applications and facilitating automated workflows.

Data field descriptions

IDUnique ID of the output
securityUnique identifiers for the security
createdCreated timestamp, HH:MM:SS format
updatedLast updated timestamp HH:MM:SS format
transcriptThe full text transcript from the call
summaryArray of summaries that are generated throughout the call

Unlock unparalleled access to critical earnings call data with our Earnings Call Transcripts API. Whether you are a financial analyst, investment professional, or developer, our API equips you with the tools to gain comprehensive insights and make informed decisions. Sign up today to enhance your financial analysis capabilities and stay ahead in the dynamic world of corporate finance. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit our contact page or email us at

Please refer to our documentation for all of your API integration needs, including parameter queries and  other technical information.

The data is updated in real-time. As soon as a new earnings call audio is available, the transcript is immediately accessible through the API.

The API supports multiple formats for data retrieval, including JSON, XML, and CSV. This flexibility allows for easy integration into various systems and workflows.

Yes, the API offers robust search functionality. You can search for transcripts by company name, ticker symbol, date, or keywords. Additionally, you can filter results by sector, exchange, or other parameters.

To get started, sign up for an API key by creating an account on our developer portal. Once registered, you can access our comprehensive documentation for integration instructions and test the API in our sandbox environment.

Absolutely. The API is designed for seamless integration with third-party applications and existing systems, supporting various data formats and well-documented endpoints.


Here you will find documentation for the our news, market, and company data APIs.

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Here you will find documentation for the our news, market, and company data APIs.

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