React to market news faster than ever with Benzinga Squawk, your go-to source for the most important headlines, price movements, and rumors. Our Squawk API delivers timely and convenient updates, empowering traders and investors to stay ahead of the game.

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Filtering the Noise

Unlike other audio squawks, only critical market moving breaking news is broadcast, so no worries about having to filter out noise. The Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk brings you only the most crucial information for better trading. Having an audio broadcast means you can look away from your feed without worrying about missing a key piece of news.

Filtered for Relevance: Say goodbye to information overload. Unlike other audio squawks, Benzinga Squawk broadcasts only critical market-moving breaking news. We understand the value of your users time, so we ensure that every update is carefully curated to provide you with the most crucial information for smarter trading decisions. No more sifting through noise – just the insights you need, delivered straight to your users.

Stay Informed on the Go

With Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk, you don’t have to be glued to your screen. Our audio broadcast allows you to multitask without the fear of missing out on a key piece of news. Whether you’re stepping away from your feed or simply need a break, rest assured that you won’t miss a beat.

Coverage Includes

Benzinga Squawk keeps your users informed across various fronts:

  • Conference Calls: Stay tuned to important discussions and announcements.
  • Economic Data Releases: Get instant access to the latest economic data impacting the markets.
  • Earnings and Guidance: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time updates on earnings reports and guidance from companies.
  • Company Management: Gain insights into the strategies and decisions made by key executives.
  • Wall Street Analysis: Stay informed with expert analysis and commentary from industry professionals.
  • Critical Breaking News: Receive immediate alerts for news that can have a significant impact on your trades.
  • Market Rumors and Chatter: Stay in the loop on market rumors and the latest buzz.
  • Press Conferences: Stay connected to important press conferences and announcements.
  • Key Comments from Interviews: Get valuable insights from interviews with industry leaders and influencers.

Don’t miss a beat in the dynamic world of trading. 



  • What is the Benzinga Squawk API? The Benzinga Squawk API is a powerful tool that delivers real-time, critical market-moving breaking news, price movements, and rumors through streaming audio. It empowers traders and investors to react faster to market developments.
  • How does the Squawk API help me stay ahead in trading? The Squawk API provides timely and convenient updates through streaming audio, allowing you to react to important market news faster than ever. It filters out noise and delivers only the most crucial information, enabling you to make informed trading decisions.
  • What types of information does Benzinga Squawk cover? Benzinga Squawk keeps you informed across various fronts, including conference calls, economic data releases, earnings and guidance updates, insights into company management decisions, Wall Street analysis, critical breaking news alerts, market rumors, press conferences, and key comments from interviews with industry leaders.
  • How reliable is the audio stream’s delivery and uptime? We take reliability seriously. Our Squawk API is designed to provide a consistent and reliable audio stream with minimal downtime. We have measures in place to ensure smooth delivery of critical updates to keep you informed at all times.