Provide your community unbiased, easy-to-consume news in real time with Benzinga’s Stock News via webhook.

Benzinga’s editorial team cuts through the noise to provide objective content so that your users’ stay in the know. 

Benzinga’s stock news content:

  • Covers any news that could move a stock
  • Is clear, concise, and without jargon
  • Focuses on actionable events

Benzinga has over 88 news channels – the feed can be customized to fit any budget.

Once Benzinga receives your webhook URL, a key will be provided that you can easily integrate into your Discord.  Benzinga news will then be pushed to your channel so that users receive relevant market news in real time.

Set your Discord ahead of the pack by providing multiple channels of news to your users!

Please refer to our documentation for further information, if you’d like to discuss with our team, please email