“Why is it Moving?” (WIIM) is the one sentence reason a stock or crypto is trading higher or lower on any given day.

 Never again will investors have to leave your platform to figure out why an asset they care about is moving. Investors constantly seek the why behind stock/crypto price movement in both bull and bear markets.

This “snackable” content is also a great engagement tool via push notifications or email to get customers back into your product – no other content is more actionable and easily targetable to truly add value.

Benzinga adheres to strict coverage SLAs for all NYSE and Nasdaq listed stocks & the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Coverage is based on asset price change and market cap.

Our team of analysts uncover the catalyst for change by digging through press releases, news reports, SEC filings, and often reaching out to the company itself.

Check out how our global partner Gotrade uses Benzinga’s Why is it Moving feed to keep their users up to date!

Never leave your users confused as to why a stock is moving! Keep them on your platform by doing the hard work for them.

JUST ADDED! Why is it moving content is now available for the top 20 market cap cryptocurrencies!


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Benzinga’s data samples are intended to provide a data sample large enough for testing data quality and application for the financial markets. These sample files demonstrate the formats and content that can be delivered.

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