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Elevate your tool suite with Benzinga’s advanced charting widget. Designed for seamless integration with your own market data, this enterprise-grade solution empowers your users with robust, interactive, and real-time visualizations.
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    Intraday API/ EST

  • History:

    From 2010

  • Coverage:

    Wilshire 5000 + 1000 additional US equities

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Whether you’re a fintech firm, a financial institution, or a developer, our charting tool offers flexibility and precision for superior market insights.

Key Features

High-Performance Charts: Enjoy fast, responsive, and highly customizable charts that can handle large datasets with ease.

Multiple Chart Types: Choose from a variety of chart types including candlestick, line, bar, and more to best represent your data.

Interactive Tools: Utilize built-in tools for zooming, panning, and annotations to enhance your data analysis.

Responsive Design: Our charts adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices for optimal viewing experiences.

Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate your own Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume (OHLCV) realtime data into the chart through the input schema provided. Additionally, by default, you can access 15-minute delayed data directly integrated into the chart, ensuring you have reliable and consistent market information at your fingertips.

Data input fields

Attribute Description
ID Unique ID of the candle
open The open price of the candle
high Highest transaction price
low Lowest transaction price
close The final transaction price before the close of the given period
timestamp Unix timestamp of the candlestick


Easily integrate our charting library into your existing systems using our well-documented API, enabling smooth data feeding and chart customization. Tailor the appearance and functionality of the charts to fit your brand and analytical needs.

Leverage the power of Benzinga’s market data, trusted by thousands of financial professionals worldwide. Combine our charting capabilities and News content to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions faster. Sign up today to enhance your financial analysis capabilities and stay ahead in the dynamic world of corporate finance. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit our contact page or email us at


Here you will find documentation for the our news, market, and company data APIs.

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Here you will find documentation for the our news, market, and company data APIs.

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