CBDC Recent News

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Robert Kennedy Jr. May Seek Libertarian Nomination, Joins Trump In Rejecting CBDCs
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Meme Coin Named After Donald Trump Surges 50% After Ex-President Says No To CBDCs
Trump Promises Never To Allow CBDCs In US, Says He Will 'Protect Americans From Government Tyranny'
Rep. Warren Davidson Brands CBDCs A 'Dystopian Tool,' Issues Clarion Call For Ban In Congress
Stablecoins To Challenge Central Banks: Bank of Korea Governor Sounds Alarm On USDT, USDC
Bitcoin's 150% Rally In 2023 Shows Up Gains Reported By Nasdaq, S&P 500 And Gold
South Korean Regulator Announces New Digital Asset Interest Policy - Excludes NFTs, CBDCs
Ramaswamy Criticizes Regulatory Failures In Final GOP Debate, DeSantis Says CBDC Would Be 'Dead On Arrival' If He Is Elected President
Former PBOC Governor Confirms China Is 'On Track' For Completion Of Central Bank Digital Currency
Robert Kennedy Jr. Calls Bitcoin An 'Elegant Solution' For Transactional Freedom, Warns Against CBDCs
Standard Chartered China Is First Foreign Bank To Join China's CBDC Pilot Testing
IMF's Call To Arms For The CBDC Revolution At The Singapore FinTech Festival
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10% Weekly XRP Price Gain Inspires Significant Whale Transfers To Centralized Exchanges
Indian Banks Up The Digital Currency Game By Offering Incentives To Users
Deutsche Bank, SC Ventures Trial SWIFT Messaging Layer For Stablecoins And CBDCs
Fed Governor Michelle Bowman Says Creation Of US CBDC 'Could Pose Significant Risks'
Mastercard Enables Tokenization Of CBDCs On Different Blockchains Under RBA Project
Joe Rogan Tells Sam Altman That Bitcoin Can Become A 'Universal Viable Currency' — Admits CBDCs 'Scares The Sh*T Out Of Me'