Want To Take Apart A Tesla Model Y? These YouTube Hosts Did. Here's What They Discovered

Munro Live, a YouTube channel known for taking apart electric vehicles and detailing their components, took a look at Tesla Inc.'s TSLA Dual Motor Model Y.

The Model Y, made in Texas, has Tesla's brand new 4680 battery cells, as well as a structural pack.

When the pack was removed, Munro Live host Cory Steuben and his team were surprised to discover that the vehicle's seats — along with the center console, carpet and other components — were attached directly to the battery pack. The pack, with all components, was less than 1,200 pounds, they noted.

Other EVs in the shop had batteries that weighed more than double this pack, not including seats and other components.

There was also minimal effort required to remove the pack, underscoring a very efficient and quick assembly process.

Photo courtesy of Tesla

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