Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin Construction Continues With New Preliminary Permits

Tesla Inc TSLA is currently building two new factories to pump out more all-electric vehicles: Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin. The Berlin factory will start production with the Model Y, followed by the Model 3 and then other vehicles will follow. This factory will serve most of Europe and may also export vehicles to other parts of the globe.

Recently, Tesla complained that German bureaucracy may delay the construction of Gigafactory Berlin. The company was quoted as saying “Obstacles in German law governing permits are slowing down the necessary industrial transformation and thus the transformation of transport and energy,” in a 10-page letter seen by The New York Times

Now Tesmanian has shared drone footage showing work on Gigafactory Berlin has resumed with new permits issued. The company has already leveled the site and is getting ready for the next steps.

On April 13, Tesla received its 12th pre-approval permit which allows the company to lay pipes for sewage, rainwater, and power lines. The permit says Tesla must comply with special design and material quality requirements for pipes as they will be installed in a drinking water protection zone. The pipelines must be installed by a qualified specialist company.

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(Photo courtesy of Tesla)

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