Study Shows Tesla May Already Be Producing 8,000 Vehicles Per Week In China

.In 2020, Tesla Inc TSLA had record deliveries of almost 500,000 cars for the year, an increase from 367,500 in 2019. Tesla is looking to smash that record yearly delivery once again, and it looks like they could be on track to do it.

A research report from Industrial Securities in China, covered by @ray4tesla on Twitter, shows Giga Shanghai has already reached a production capacity of 8,000 vehicles per week. Of those numbers, 5,000 would be Model 3s, and 3,000 would be Model Ys, which started deliveries in China this month.

The report goes on to explain that Tesla will ramp up production throughout the year, and expects Tesla to deliver approximately 523,000 total vehicles for 2021 from Gigafactory Shanghai alone, with 100,000 of these expected for export. If true, this would mean Tesla could produce more vehicles in China in 2021 than the company could make with China and Fremont combined in 2020.

Tesla is also building Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas, which are expected the make the Model 3 and Model Y, with Gigafactory Texas also producing the Tesla Cybertruck.

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Image courtesy of Tesla

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