This High-Yield Real Estate Fund Is Targeting A 15%-19% Annualized Return

This High-Yield Real Estate Fund Is Targeting A 15%-19% Annualized Return

Investors can’t believe they’re asking this question:

Could a real estate fund actually survive interest rate hikes, high inflation and a recession?

Well if that fund exploited booming rental trends in major cities with high job growth and an above-average influx of new millennial residents driving up demand for housing, it certainly could — keep reading.

That real estate fund wouldn’t just survive but thrive. And with a targetted 19% annualized return, QC Capital Group has become the darling of risk-averse investors who aren’t happy about their stock performance in an ever-tanking bear market.

In a media landscape where analysts and experts keep predicting the worst for 2023, this unique real estate portfolio was able to take advantage of our economy’s perfect storm.

Let’s take a closer look at how they massively outperformed such a gloomy bear market.

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Multifamily Housing & The Millenial Rental Boom

77% of millennials are renters. That number is especially important because millennial wealth is a flashpoint in talking about demographic trends.

Unless you were living under a rock, there was a massive cryptocurrency crash earlier this year, which wiped out around $1 trillion in wealth, which millennials held over a third of.

Add to that a skyrocketing housing market, unchecked inflation and high interest rates — all while that same audience flocked to cities with the greatest economic opportunity and high job growth.

What you have is a rental inventory problem with high demand in our nation’s primary cities. 

A direct beneficiary of those trends is the QC Capital Fund II.

Bullish Predictions For 2023

Within these primary markets, the affordability gap between renting and owning remains substantial and is only exacerbated by the ongoing financial crisis. 

The QC Capital Fund II targets fast-growing U.S. markets with massive inventory shortages where the majority of its portfolio remains constantly cash-flowing.

That means fund investors can expect a regular check as that 15%-19% annualized return is set to realize.

At A Glance: Investor Highlights

  • Rent prices soaring in all major metro areas
  • Rental demand outpacing inventory
  • Interest rates further curbing home buying
  • Millennial rental applications exploded 20% in 2022
  • Rental markets like Florida and Texas set to keep booming
  • QC Capital on pace for 15%-19% Annualized Returns

So while home buying is out of reach for a majority of new residents in these cities, an already exploding rental market is getting jet fuel thrown on it from all the above factors.

The Fund Riding The Rental Boom

With $4 billion in private equity experience, QC Capital isn’t playing the short game.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, it leverages a national network of Class A multifamily rental properties with increasingly bullish valuations on the portfolio.

Snapshot: QC Capital Fund II

  • Minimum investment: $50,000
  • Target annualized returns: 15% to 19%
  • Target annual cash yield: 5% to 8%
  • Open to accredited investors only

As a global economic crisis continues to erase generational wealth from investors far and wide, the smart money has been leaving the casinos on Wall Street and profiting from a massive rental trend.

Experts say as bad as things could get in 2023, outcomes look beautiful for this fund strategy.

Click here to access QC Capital Fund II details


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