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American Environmental (OTC:AEPT) Stock, Short Interest Report

Short interest in American Environmental Partners Inc (OTC:AEPT) decreased during the last reporting period, falling from 1.74K to 544.00. This put -% of the company's publicly available shares short.

Short interest for American Environmental gives investors a sense of the degree to which investors are betting on the decline of American Environmental's stock. Short interest data is updated every two weeks.

Based on the recent average volume of 25.58K shares traded per day, it would take 1 day(s) for holders of this short interest to close out their positions without sending the stock sharply higher.

Short Interest
Short Interest %
Days to Cover
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AEPTAMERICAN ENERGY PARTNERS INC C06/28/202407/10/2024501,932,86054425,5751Get Alert
AEPTAMERICAN ENERGY PARTNERS INC C06/14/202406/26/2024501,932,8601,744212,2751Get Alert
AEPTAMERICAN ENERGY PARTNERS INC C05/15/202405/24/202445.83%723332,5161Get Alert
AEPTAMERICAN ENERGY PARTNERS INC C04/30/202405/09/20247278845,9851Get Alert
AEPTAMERICAN ENERGY PARTNERS INC C04/15/202404/24/20247278860,8651Get Alert
AEPTAMERICAN ENERGY PARTNERS INC C03/15/202403/26/2024721,30035,5871Get Alert
AEPTAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.02/29/202403/11/2024721,30076,6261Get Alert
AEPTAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.02/15/202402/27/2024721,300150,5291Get Alert
AEPTAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.01/31/202402/09/20247230026,2651Get Alert
AEPTAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.12/15/202312/27/20237211,5328,2911.39Get Alert
AEPTAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.03/31/202304/12/2023728,8222,6243.36Get Alert
AEPTAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.03/15/202303/24/2023728,8322,0144.39Get Alert
AEPTAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.07/29/202208/09/20227210017,2651Get Alert
AEPTAmerican Energy Partners, Inc.07/15/202207/26/2022721008,7561Get Alert

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