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The Best Financial Tool for Debt: Exposed

The Best Financial Tool for Debt: Exposed

The harsh truth of good financial planning is that it’s only good if it works without you. Whether you are investing in a stock or buying a home, you should consider how good the deal would be if you are not around to actively manage it.

When you take on a 30-year mortgage (literal translation: death contract) without life insurance, you are not planning your financial life responsibly. That’s just the truth. When you commit yourself to a partner for a lifetime without life insurance, you are leaving that person vulnerable every day you are together. And no, I’m not talking only to the breadwinner in the relationship. Whether or not you work, your physical, moral and emotional support have a quantifiable value that should be protected. Life insurance is the best tool to do this.

Your Debts May Outlive You

Thinking on the scale of lifetime insurance can be difficult if you have more immediately pressing concerns. If there is no direct threat to your life currently but your student loan payment installation is due in 2 days, you understandably have more current stress about the loan.

What that school probably didn’t teach you is how to actually pay that loan back. They also don’t tell you that the loan’s term may outlive you. That’s right — if you die, your student loan is not automatically discharged. Your co-signer or parents may still owe that school money even though the benefit of your schooling dies with you.

This may seem like an extreme example, but it happens. When your family is at its most vulnerable, the world seems to be at its most unforgiving. Here’s what they don’t teach you in school — the security that education is supposed to provide is not complete without life insurance.

The same is true of any long term investment with a debt that has the ability to outlive you — having a child, buying a house, buying a car, committing to a partnership, taking on a new life passion. If you and your loved ones are fully protected, you should find it much easier to fully engage the challenges of your new undertaking.

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Life Shouldn’t Be So Complicated

In previous generations, life insurance was a complex transaction that bureaucracy made even more complicated. You had to read the fine print of a contract written for lawyers while navigating the similarly obtuse language of the life insurance salesman. Not surprisingly, many people put off this business, some until it is too late.

It’s easy to see how a prospect could feel surrounded and overwhelmed by the process. Life insurance is supposed to protect life, but it seems like everything from the salesman to the policy is made to suck my life [read: money] from me! On top of that, I have to die to get any benefit!

Fortunately, the dot com bubble, Y2K, the 2008 housing and banking crisis, 9/11 and the Great Recession weeded out all of the pretenders from the industry. Modern technology has also solved many of the problems that the still emergent insurance industry of the 1990s gave us. No longer do you have to deal with salesmen or complicated questionnaires to get the life insurance you deserve. Let’s take a look at how this happens.

Climbing Life’s Ladder

When you get your life insurance through Ladder, your process is easy and simple:

  • 5-minute application
  • Instant decision
  • You’re covered immediately if accepted

Forget dealing with pushy salesmen and obtuse language. Our smart algorithms replace yesterday’s agents. Ladder’s precise AI provides you with an objective assessment of your needs and provides the policy that will truly protect you. More accurate assessments mean that we can charge lower prices as well because we can drill down our buyer profiles into very select, precise groupings.

Now let’s talk about benefits.

Life insurance can be death protection, but it can also be one of the best investments you can put your money towards. Whole life insurance, available through Ladder, maintains a rising cash value you can borrow against to benefit you in your life. If you want a more “pay as you go” insurance option for specific events in your life, inexpensive term life insurance is available. There are so many other things you should know about. Visit the Ladder website for more information.

The longer you wait, the more expensive life insurance gets. You also get to lock in better prices when you are healthier (which usually occurs when you are younger). You benefit yourself when you take care of this business now, especially since Ladder has streamlined and simplified the process. Act today to get your best prices, protect your family in all situations and give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.


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