Data Privacy Company Sekur Private Data Reduces CAC By 79%, Rolls Out New Bundle Offer On Its Next-Generation Security Solutions

Privacy and data security company Sekur Private Data Ltd. OTCQX: SWISF | CSE: SKUR | FRA: GDT0 has met its target by lowering its customer acquisition cost (CAC) to $74. At the same time, it was able to increase its lifetime value (LTV) metric by several percentage points. 

In an increasingly digital world, data privacy remains a top priority for governments, corporations and individuals. The cybersecurity market was worth $182 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.4% during the next seven years.

Demonstrating a strong CAC is a way for companies to show their competitiveness. Both CAC and LVT are important key performance indicators, as they reveal how much the company spends on each customer and how profitable the customer is over his or her lifetime. 

Sekur: Focused On Achieving And Maintaining Competitive CAC

Sekur, however, seems to have a clear plan of action. It launched a campaign to bring down its CAC at the start of 2023, by focusing on both optimization and SEO marketing. Its goal is to reduce CAC to $75 by the end of 2023 and $60 by 2024. 

“We have managed to acquire a higher caliber customer, and we are carefully watching each dollar we are spending for our acquisition costs, as we are on track to meet the budget, we set for 2023,” said Alain Ghiai, CEO of Sekur Private Data. “Our prime directive is to provide private and secure communications for everyone, and, as we are not connected to any Big Tech platform, we offer a truly independent, private and secure means of communications without any data mining, through our proprietary technology and our secure servers based in Switzerland.”

World-Class Communications Security Products Suite

The company also provides a new product bundle through its site, Sekur has three leading products offered through its website: SekurMail, SekurVPN and SekurMessenger. When the customer selects their primary product, they will have the choice to bundle one or both of the other two products, with the bundle being offered for a discount. 

The company reports that the product bundle is already seeing a positive response, with more than 50% of customers choosing a bundle, and 30% including SekurVPN in their bundle. SekurVPN is Sekur’s latest product and is the first-in-class commercially available Swiss-hosted virtual private network (VPN) that isn’t hosted by Big Tech. 

With a third of internet users saying they use a VPN, there is a large market for reliable security solutions. Sekur’s addition of a VPN service is part of its goal to provide a turnkey suite of world-class privacy and data security products.

Find out more about Sekur’s product bundle. Visit the company’s website

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