DeSantis Is Ignoring Trump's Ongoing 'Rhetoric Offensive': Will That Win Him The Republican 2024 Presidential Nomination?

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  • Trump is expected to announce his intent to run for office in the 2024 polls.
  • Florida Governor DeSantis, who is also touted as a potential candidate, opted to steer clear of mudslinging, Post says, citing source.
DeSantis Is Ignoring Trump's Ongoing 'Rhetoric Offensive': Will That Win Him The Republican 2024 Presidential Nomination?

Ron DeSantis, who retained his gubernatorial seat in Florida in the recent midterms, has consciously decided to turn a deaf ear to Donald Trump’s ongoing rhetorical offensive.

What Happened: DeSantis’ otherwise “pugnacious press team” has chosen to ignore the former president’s “broadsides” and not offer any comment on the escalating feud between the two, the New York Post reported, citing an insider.

Trump is only damaging his own brand, the source said, adding, “There is no upside to rolling around in the mud with Trump at this point. Only downside.”

This is in stark contrast to the diatribe Trump launched against DeSantis last week on his Truth Social platform. Calling DeSantis an “average Republican Governor with great public relations,” the former president noted that his endorsement helped DeSantis win in 2018.

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Why It’s Important: DeSantis is widely expected to compete for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential race, although he hasn’t confirmed his potential candidacy yet.

Incidentally, Trump and his team have hinted at formally announcing a campaign launch as early as this week. 

Last week, the former president’s niece Mary Trump said on a show that the Department of Justice has to indict him before his presidential campaign is launched to avoid appearing to have a political motive.

Meanwhile, DeSantis will continue to govern effectively, thereby elevating his stature in the minds of Republican voters, the source told the Post.

“If he’s seen getting things done while Trump wails in the background, that’s a win,” the insider added.

The source also reportedly said that there will be a time when DeSantis will engage and address inevitable questions about his White House plans and the Trump factor.

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