HeartCore To Help Companies Advance Digital Transformation Efforts With New E-Commerce Website Robot Store

HeartCore Enterprises, Inc. announced the launch of Robot Store, an e-commerce website that provides Robotic Automation Process (RPA) services to its Japanese enterprise-level customers.

Robot Store is a website where corporations are able to purchase certain ready-to-use computerization robots that automate daily tasks for users. Leveraging HeartCore’s RPA capabilities, Robot Store offers the following services at high volumes and speed: invoice processing, accounting reconciliation, ERP data entry, employee onboarding, sales orders processing and more. The launch of Robot Store is part of HeartCore’s broader initiative to help companies advance their digital transformation efforts.      

“The launch of Robot Store is our response to the significant number of requests we’ve received from many customers surrounding the growing need for automation and digital transformation,” said CEO Sumitaka Kanno (Yamamoto).

“HeartCore’s robust slate of RPA tools will fulfill the demand for many current and prospective customers as they will be able to seamlessly automate a multitude of tasks in an effective and error-free manner. Our organization is committed to advocating for digital transformation as that will ultimately help our customers cut costs and operate more efficiently.”

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