How Oracle Is Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations In The Cloud

How Oracle Is Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations In The Cloud

Tech giant Oracle Corporation ORCL plans on assuming a leadership role in the COVID-19 vaccine program by providing technology that gives real-time progress of the efforts, the company said in a press release.

What Happened: Oracle designed and launched in early 2020 a National Electronic Health Records Database and other applications designed to collect and analyze COVID-19 data.

Now that the general public has access to at least one vaccine, Oracle said it's ready to expand its technology to include up-to-the minute data on how many people have been vaccinated.

Oracle's EHR Database was first used in June to keep track of the more than 500,000 people who volunteered to take part in vaccine and therapeutic trials.

Oracle worked collaboratively with government entities to help manage the data that would have otherwise been impossible given the "existing fragmented provider based EHR systems," the company said.

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Why It's Important: Oracle's technology will act as the CDC's central data repository for the vaccination data, and it will be stored on the cloud.

The data will be coming from all corners of the U.S. and will be anonymized to protect patient privacy.

Health care providers can also use the platform to manage deliveries and make sure each shipment arrives at the proper temperature.

What's Next: Every single person who receives a vaccine will be granted access to Oracle's system to report side effects, including injection site pain or a headache.

This data will prove to be vital in helping health experts identify any adverse events, even months after the injection.

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