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There For The "Overflow": TTN Fleet Solutions CFO On The Benefits Of Outsourcing Roadside Assistance

There For The "Overflow": TTN Fleet Solutions CFO On The Benefits Of Outsourcing Roadside Assistance

Fleets big and small face the continual challenge of keeping their trucks up and running day and night. If breakdowns are overwhelming your fleet, TTN Fleet Solutions is there to bring calm to the chaos.

Todd Neiberger, the company's CFO, discussed how TTN can assist in breakdown ‘overflows' with FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller as part of a series of "Fuller Speed Ahead" episodes at FreightWaves LIVE Chicago.

TTN provides 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, towing and accident management, as well as scheduled and preventative maintenance for fleets big and small. It's large network of service providers stand-by to assist drivers anytime and virtually anywhere around the U.S. and Canada. TTN's call center staff of service experts connect with drivers in record time and offer the proper assistance and advice needed to get trucks back in the fast lane.

TTN manages around 400-500 calls a day, according to Neiberger. The call center connects with customers in as little as 12 seconds and ensures they receive the proper help in a timely manner, whether it be maintenance or a tow. Lightning-fast service is what TTN strives for and what Neiberger believes sets it apart from the competition.

"With some of our toughest competitors out there, they're answering calls in 28-35 minutes," said Neiberger.

TTN is there for the ‘overflow' of accident-related events or repair needs, which Neiberger said peaks in the winter. He believes outsourcing the majority of roadside repair and assistance services to TTN can prevent the overwhelming effect breakdowns can have on short-staffed fleets and argues that the time-savings can help increase margins.

Neiberger wants carriers to feel comfortable with outsourcing their maintenance and recovery services and begins every pitch with simply focusing on the overflow of problems that occur during short-staffed periods like weekends and holidays.

"Let's focus on how we can save you costs from having to staff from that standpoint," Neiberger said. "Let us take care of you so you don't have to over-staff on holidays or over the weekends."

He continued, "When that takes place they usually start pushing their business to us, and as we take that on, we'll start to show their synergies, cost savings from in-house, and how they don't have to over staff."

TTN owns no wreckers but instead partners with a broad network of highly qualified wrecking companies across the U.S. and Canada so customers can rest easy knowing a trusted TTN service provider is never too far to help.

TTN strives for transparency at every stage of the process through the collection of data. Purchase order data, including vehicle and driver information, as well as location and route data, is recorded through the entire process using TTN's tracking software.

TTN manages half a million repair events annually and says its customers save 15 to 27% on maintenance and repair services.

Fuller stressed the importance of keeping trucks in top shape, "Maintenance expenses and management of maintenance costs are one of the top predictors of fleet profitability. Fleets that don't manage maintenance end up being dramatically impacted and creating issues."

Neiberger's best advice for truck drivers is to be proactive with vehicle maintenance instead of waiting for the warning signs to occur.

"What we're trying to focus on is preventative maintenance; not waiting until you breakdown," said Neiberger. "Our focus is on working with these fleets to make sure we can be their assistant from start to finish."

Learn more about TTN Fleet Solutions through Fuller's interview with Executive Vice President Tyler Harden at FreightWaves LIVE Chicago.

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