Founder Of Stock Market Lab To Share His Trading Secrets

Umar Ashraf is a 24-year-old trader and entrepreneur who has made a fortune on smart investments, risk management and education. His secrets to success at the trading desk, in the classroom, and on social media will all be revealed at the Benzinga Trading Summit on June 20 in New York City.

Who He Is

Umar is a young trader with an early track record of success. On the trading desk, he is the founder of Ashraf Holdings Group LLC, where smart investments led him to become a millionaire in his early 20s.

Ashraf prides himself on teaching others how to trade through his latest venture, Stock Market Lab. The educational platform has become widely popular among users. Umar has helped thousands of people learn the ins and outs of the stock market.

Off the desk, Umar has leveraged his fun lifestyle to become a widely recognized Instagram personality. His account, which is a strong promotional tool for Stock Market Labs, has over 70,000 followers.

How He Trades

Umar heavily recommends a risk management plan for all investors. Although sometimes it can seem like you’ve come across the easiest opportunity of you career, Umar believes protecting the downside is extremely important.

“Trading is all a probability game. With probability, you always need to protect your downside. You always have a downside," he says.

Where to See Him

Learn how Umar spots opportunities on June 20 at Benzinga’s inaugural Global Trading and Investing Summit.

Umar will be joined by over 20 of the world’s most successful financial minds in an intimate, educational setting demanded by Benzinga readers.

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