Bosch Acquires Detroit-Based SPLT: 'Integrated Travel Is The Hallmark Of New Transit-Oriented Development'

The mobility world got a little smaller Wednesday with Robert Bosch GmbH’s announced acquisition of Splitting Fares Inc., a Detroit-based platform developer coordinating shared commutes and facilitating peer-to-peer transactions.

“Integrated travel is really the hallmark of new transit-oriented development,” Splitting Fares CEO and founder Anya Babbitt told Benzinga.

The terms of the deal allow Splitting Fares, also known as SPLT, to operate independently with its existing team but supported by Bosch resources.

“With SPLT, we are extending our portfolio in the growth area of mobility services,” Bosch board member Markus Heyn said in a press release.

SPLT’s Solutions

Bosch is already one of more than 20 corporate, university and hospital communities in the U.S., Mexico and Germany coordinating their routes and travel times with SPLT to diminish transportation costs and carbon footprints. Altogether, SPLT logs more than 140,000 users.

Clients include Detroit’s Henry Ford Health System and BMW, the latter of which incentivizes employees in Mexico to use SPLT by providing a vehicle. BMW intends to expand the offering to its South Carolina and Germany offices this year, as well as integrate the routes of nearby company communities into its own.

“We’ve already saved 3.9 tons of CO2 and almost 14,000 kilometers in the short time we’ve launched with them,” Babbitt said.

She added that the app helps alleviate company parking and infrastructure demands and improve the safety of those reliant on public transportation.

SPLT also has an exclusive partnership with Lyft to provide non-emergency medical transportation to elderly patients.

The company, which recently integrated buses and van shuttles into the service, intends to scale in other Latin American and European countries throughout 2018.

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