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Top Tweets From Stocktoberfest 2013

Top Tweets From Stocktoberfest 2013

The drive from San Diego airport to beautiful Coronado, California is only about 15 minutes, but it is miles away from any major financial hub.

That is, until you get to Stocktoberfest, an annual conference geared around thought leaders and FinTech trailblazers brought together to talk shop.

Presentations range from current market conditions to major trends sure to shape how this industry works.

Aside from the event itself, many took to Twitter to discuss and engage with the #Stocktoberfest. Here is a look at the top tweets from the event.

Andrew Menaker(@Andrew_Menaker)

Using Intuition to Make Better Trading & Business Decisions



Andrew Menaker's 15-minute talk went beyond just the usual numbers. As this tweet shows, the San Francisco native spoke about using intuition when making trading and business decisions.

Menaker has used his PhD in psychology to consult market leaders for the last 18 years. His combined knowledge of markets and mind has been used for development and assistance to traders and executives in a unique way.

Amanda Steinberg(@AmandaSteinberg)

The Truth About Women & Investing



Amanda Steinberg held a 25-minute conversation about women and investing. Like Yahoo's Melissa Mayer, she is helping change the way the business world looks at women. Some believe this to be the new trend in 2014.

Steinberg is the CEO of DailyWorth, the leading financial media company for women. Founded in 2009, she uses the website to advance women's financial confidence and wealth.

Bill Gurtin

Finding Value in the Municipal Market



Bill Gurtin is the head of Gurtin Fixed Income. Based in Chicago and San Diego, its assets have totaled over $7 billion as of February of 2013.

He spoke about finding value in the municipal market and did not shy away from telling it like it is.

Mike Bellafiore(@MikeBellafiore)

The Future of Prop Trading - The Multi-product, Multi-market Discretionary Quant Trader



As Mike Bellafiore said, the market isn't concerned with people's emotions or interests. "Trading is a privilege not a right. be grateful each day the market lets you trade" he responded in a tweet.

Bellafiore helped found SMB Capital in New York City. He spoke about the future of prop trading on October 18.

Dan Nathan(@RiskReversal)

Options For Equity Traders: Using Options for Yield Enhancement, Leverage and Risk Management



The Options Action panelist spoke to equity traders about using options for yield enhancement, leverage and risk management.

Greg Harmon, CMT(@harmongreg)

Applied Technical Analysis: Combining Technical Analysis with Options to Control Risk and Enhance Leverage



Greg Harmon used his experience with DragonFly Capital to talk about combining technical analysis with options to control risk and enhance leverage.

As E*Trade's Dave Whitemore tweeted, Harmon appeared to use some infographics to keep his audience engaged. Harmon himself didn't shy away from the social discussion.

J.C. Parets(@allstarcharts)

How a Hedge Fund Manager uses Technical Analysis to Profit and Manage Risk



A big proponent of of infographics and charts, JC Parets talked about how a hedge fund manager should use technical Analysis to profit and manage risk. He also brought some laughs to the table.



Andy Kessler(@andykessler)

Investing in the Fog



Andy Kessler sat down for an interview in the middle of day one (October 17). The six-time author used his 20 years of Wall Street experience to impart his knowledge on the Stocktoberfest attendees.

James Koutoulas, Esq(@jameskoutoulas)

High Frequency Trading, ETF Arbitrage, and What Went Wrong at MF Global



James Koutoulas spoke on high-frequency trading and what went wrong at MF Global. The Typhon Capital CEO sent out this tweet a couple hours after his speech.

Howard Lindzon(@howardlindzon)



StockTwits co-founder and CEO Howard Lindzon gave updates and recaps throughout the event, with Kristen Bentz engaging with this humorous tweet on day one.




Those in attendance were able to come away with valuable food for thought, while others were disappointed to miss out.


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