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June 17, 2020
Yewno Edge
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Yewno|Edge is a comprehensive investment research platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to condense large swaths of data into easily-digestible and usable insights. Yewno|Edge pulls millions of data points from thousands of reliable sources, including news, official filings from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), companies’ earning transcripts, patents and clinical trials. 

Yewno|Edge can also run advanced functions, identifying companies with wider international exposures and locating connections among corporate entities that may not be obvious at first glance. Yewno|Edge is a precise investing research platform for professional and institutional investors who need dynamic, up-to-the-minute research.

Best For
  • Access to alternative data
  • Speeding up your research
  • Enhanced insights into factors affecting stock and portfolio performance
  • Quickly compiles data sentiments from millions of data points — the software is like having a team of analysts at your fingertips
  • Ability to uncover hidden risks in your portfolio
  • AI-powered newsfeed identifies trends in your portfolio and serves you only relevant information; avoids information overload
  • No mobile option currently available

Yewno Edge Ratings at a Glance

Why Yewno|Edge Over Others?

Yewno|Edge’s platform is best used by…

  • Professional and institutional investors: Yewno|Edge’s comprehensive research platform allows professional investors to use its patented Knowledge Graph to quickly gain new trading ideas in an ever-changing marketplace. If you’re an institutional or professional investor who needs to use a very large or diverse range of data in your daily trading, Yewno|Edge might be the solution you’re looking for.
  • Investors and analysts who need an advanced level of precision: The best way to improve the quality of data is to take a wide sample size. Yewno|Edge’s platform uses millions of data points from thousands of data sources when creating its analyses. Yewno pulls data only from reliable sources like news, official filings, companies' earnings transcripts, patents, clinical trials, court opinion documents and more. If you’re an investor or asset analyst looking for the most accurate simulators and backtesting available, Yewno|Edge is a great choice.
  • Anyone who suffers from information overload while analyzing data: If you’ve ever attempted to absorb data from a diverse range of sources, you might have had trouble determining what was worth your time. Yewno|Edge’s platform does the hard work for you, making connections and drawing conclusions on your behalf.
  • Yewno's AI: Yewno's AI leverages a proprietary knowledge graph framework that allows users to run more complete information searches. Yewno leverages a "concept-based" search, which is more powerful than a keyword-based search.

Yewno|Edge Tools and Platform

Yewno|Edge is an investment research platform focused on providing everyday investors with access to professional-grade analysis tools. Powered by AI, Yewno|Edge is a one-stop knowledge source for data analysis. Its platform takes in a massive amount of data from a wide range of structured and unstructured news sources and compiles it into readable and easily understandable sentiments that you can use to inform your trading.

The range of cutting-edge technology and tools offered by Yewno|Edge is impressive. Leveraging millions of data points from thousands of global sources, its powerful tools offer a more holistic fundamental and technical analysis. A few of our favorite features include:

  • Strategy builder: Every investor knows that the key to successful and profitable trading is a solid trade strategy. Yewno|Edge’s Strategy builder tool allows you to run feasibility studies and backtest thematic portfolios based on trending concepts. This tool allows you to build strategies based on industries you’re interested in (like cannabis or esports) using back fundamental data. With just a single click, you can begin creating your next trading strategy. You can even input ideas from previous years to see how your portfolio would have changed if you invested in a specific asset in the past. Building a strategy on any theme can be done in a single click. From a theme like 5G to computer security and more, you can find companies connected to a theme and backtest the strategy. 
  • Concept exposure: Yewno Concept Exposure engine allows you to discover hidden risks and opportunities. You will be able to see key themes that companies are exposed to on any given day together with their sentiment scores.
  • Country exposure: If you’re looking to add another layer of international diversity to your portfolio, you’ll love Yewno|Edge’s country exposure tool. The country exposure tool uses alternative data pulled from global news and equity markets to show you a portfolio of a company’s exposure to 11 different developed and emerging economies. This can be exceptionally useful if you’re looking to invest in companies with higher levels of international exposure.
  • Portfolio exposure: In addition to the country exposure tool, you can use the portfolio exposure tool to analyze your portfolio’s exposure to themes, important events and even people. With just a few clicks, you can see how concepts like data privacy and trends in social responsibility impact your portfolio. Use Yewno's sentiment score to understand the themes or concepts that could positively impact your portfolio.
  • Document search: Yewno concept-based search allows you to filter news, official filings, company transcripts, patents and clinical trials. For example, this tool allows you to search for companies producing vaccines within their clinical trial research or companies issuing patents on technologies like 5G or wearable technologies.

Overall, Yewno|Edge’s set of analysis tools is incredibly impressive. It would take decades to perform the same level of analysis that Yewno|Edge can complete in just a few minutes. An account with Yewno|Edge is like having a team of professional stock and asset analysts on your computer and at your fingertips. 

Yewno|Edge Education

In addition to an expert-grade set of analysis tools, Yewno|Edge also offers some excellent educational tools to learn more about both the platform itself and the current state of the markets. Some of our favorite education tools available from Yewno|Edge include:

  • AI-powered news feed: Have you ever been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of market news that’s available to you on a daily basis? Yewno|Edge’s AI-powered news feed allows you to work smarter (not harder) when analyzing the day’s data. Yewno|Edge’s news feed identifies stories that are relevant to your portfolio and investments, showing you only articles that you can use to enhance your portfolio. Yewno|Edge’s AI even goes beyond the headlines, identifying articles with features like corporate connections and geopolitical events. Yewno|Edge claims that a concept-based search on the AI-powered news feed is 1,000 times more powerful than using a simple keyword search.
  • Up-to-the-minute pricing data: If you’re day trading or swing trading, you know that prices and market information can change on a second-to-second basis. Yewno|Edge provides continuously updating price and market data to ensure that you have access to the most recent and most relevant data.
  • How-to videos and demonstrations: Yewno|Edge offers a complete YouTube channel with simple tutorials to teach you how to use the platform’s most popular tools. Learn how to explore official documentation, set up your watchlists of choice, use the country and company exposure modules and more in as little as a few minutes with Yewno|Edge’s easy-to-follow tutorials. Select tutorials are available in Chinese, which can be a great help for non-native English speakers looking to enhance their trading.

Yewno|Edge Plans and Pricing

Yewno|Edge offers 3 package levels: a Basic package, a more advanced Premium package and the upcoming top-of-the-line Pro package. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in each package option and how much you can expect to pay for your Yewno|Edge subscription.

  • Basic ($59 per month per user): The Basic subscription is an excellent option for individual investors who want to test the waters of professional analysis tools. The Basic package includes watchlist capabilities, general news tools, advanced technical analysis charting tools and a few company analysis tools.
  • Premium ($149 per month per user): The Premium subscription package adds an increased range of tools for professional traders. With fundamental analysis, access to official filings, data packages, country and patent exposure and everything else included in the Basic package, Premium users can access a wider range of tools and research offerings.
  • Pro ($349 per month per user): The Pro package is best used by high-level traders who are looking for the most cutting-edge tools on the market. In addition to everything offered with the Premium account, the Pro package adds Yewno|Edge’s alpha generation capabilities. Portfolio alpha signals provide you with an overview alpha panel, with predictions and backtesting available. You can also explore new trading ideas with company alpha signal generation as well to make daily up/down predictions.

If you aren’t sure if Yewno|Edge is right for you, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of the Basic and Premium packages. The Pro package is not currently available but will be coming soon.

Yewno|Edge Customer Support

To get in contact with Yewno|Edge’s customer service team, submit a message through Yewno’s website. If you’re an institutional investor, you might want to submit a more detailed customer service contact request.

Currently, the messaging system is the only method to get in touch with Yewno|Edge’s customer service team. No specific option is available for those with hearing or vision limitations.

Is Yewno|Edge Right For You?

The most advanced investors know that analyzing market conditions and the news is an ongoing, continuous effort. But how can traders choose how to spend their research time? With Yewno|Edge, they don’t have to decide — the company’s comprehensive newsfeed and research offerings do the heavy-lifting on their behalf. 

Yewno|Edge’s AI-powered platform is an impressive, cutting-edge tool that can help you make deeper connections and enhance your trading without spending hours poring over individual articles and news feeds. Yewno|Edge is an excellent choice for both professional and value investors overwhelmed by the amount of information available. 

There are a few areas where Yewno|Edge can improve its offerings. In the future, we’d like to see Yewno|Edge offer an increased range of methods to contact customer service — especially for investors living with hearing or vision limitations. We also think that mobile compatibility or a Yewno|Edge mobile app would be an amazing addition to Yewno|Edge’s range of offerings, particularly for on-the-go traders.

Individual investors or those who are still learning about technical analysis might not be able to justify Yewno|Edge’s price point. However, when it comes to professional trading, it’s impossible to beat Yewno|Edge’s impressive range of cutting-edge tools and comprehensive educational tools. 

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