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Initially started as a blog by Ross Cameron in 2012, Warrior Trading’s near-term mission is to “create 50,000 freedom traders that can live their life with freedom and independence by 2020.” Warrior Trading has actively pursued that goal with a following that currently includes over 500,000 active traders and 5,000 premium members.

Best For

  • Active day traders in need of education
  • Individuals seeking supplemental income
  • Those looking to trade and work on their own terms
  • Serious traders who need mentoring


  • Large community of traders
  • Extensive educational materials
  • Provides structured trading methods
  • Warrior Pro service offers group trader mentoring


  • Does not focus on longer-term trend trading strategies
  • Not suitable for investors with low risk tolerance
  • Expensive compared with books or free websites/blogs
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Due to their work in furthering trader and investor education, Warrior Trading was nominated for Best Educator in 2016, 2017 and 2018 at the Benzinga Fintech Awards.

This achievement highlights Warrior Trading’s position as a trading education industry leader. If you’re looking to supplement your trading with paid education and trader-mentoring service, Warrior Trading could be what you’re looking for.

Who’s Warrior Trading for?

Warrior Trading is an investment research platform that focuses on providing educational resources, stock market simulators, chat rooms, and more to current and potential day traders. They also supply webinars, online courses, group mentoring and other resources designed to make you a better short term trader.

If you’re a self-employed business owner looking for supplemental income, searching for the freedom to trade and work on your own terms, or already a stock market day trader, Warrior Trading could be for you.

The chat room and courses provide valuable guidance and education in a field where most traders teach themselves. The trading style emphasized at Warrior Trading, which takes place in its chat room during market hours, involves short term day trading, scalping and swing trading using technical analysis and news events.

You can go from learning the basics of reading a stock chart to developing your own trading plan based on already-successful trading formulas.

The chat room and trading courses offered by Warrior Trading require a substantial upfront cash investment on your part. After the initial learning period expires, you’ll need to pay a regular fee to continue to use Warrior Trading’s services and access its chat room, but you can take advantage of one of Warrior Trading’s holiday sales if you’re looking for a deal.

Bargain seekers can also go directly to Warrior Trading’s website to check out the webinars, e-books and online workshops for a fair price, some of which are even provided entirely free of charge.

Warrior Trading’s Product Offerings

When it comes to assessing Warrior Trading’s website, learning platform and trading tools, what really stands out is the quality and extensiveness of the trading courses and content. Each course section has a featured video that teaches the material, and most come with downloadable transcripts to read at your leisure.

Once you feel confident about mastering the material for a particular section, you can take the corresponding quiz.

It’s apparent that the material was created by traders experienced in mentoring other short term traders. If you are more of an investor or a trend trader with a long-term time horizon, this pricey set of courses will likely not meet your needs. It largely focuses on short term market moves and swings.

Warrior Starter

Aimed at beginning traders, the Warrior Starter program is a systematic accelerated opportunity to learn how to trade at your own pace. Providing the foundation for trading success, it was put together by professional traders.

With Warrior Starter, you will gain access to Warrior Trader’s online community and customized trading tools such as the Real-Time Trading Simulator.

Topics covered include an introduction to financial markets, fundamental and technical analysis, and trading psychology. The coursework also helps you understand orders as you prepare to make your first trade.

Warrior Pro

Warrior Pro was designed as a comprehensive 90-day trader educational plan to suit traders of any experience level. It also provides a self-paced accelerated learning program aimed at getting traders started off on the right foot fast.

With Warrior Pro, you get all the features of the Warrior Starter program, including access to the Warrior Pro masterclass courses, trading chat rooms, weekday group mentor sessions and scanner settings.

The additional topics covered in the Warrior Pro Program include day trading, swing trading, risk management, and chart pattern analysis. It also includes a new futures course that was recently launched, covering the fundamentals of how trading futures work.

You’ll also get training on advanced topics like options and cryptocurrency trading, how to use Warrior Trading’s stock scanning tools, and how to day trade in an IRA.

Chat Room

One of the best features offered by Warrior Trading is their chat room services hosted by expert trading mentors. Chat rooms run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST when U.S. markets are open. You can join and monitor separate chat rooms corresponding to different trading strategies.

Several other moderators with their own, unique trading style join Warrior Trading founder Ross Cameron in mentoring other traders in the chat rooms. A few examples include a room for large-cap traders with Mike, a room for small-cap traders with Ross and a futures trading room with Steve.

A trading chat room session. Source: warriortrading.com

Live Mentor Sessions

If you subscribe to Warrior Pro, you can take advantage of the group mentor sessions offered each market day in the online classroom. These small learning groups supplement your trading coursework, providing you with access to mentors who can answer questions directly.

The experienced mentors cover everything from trading tactics, to trader psychology, and even coping with the stresses that accompany trading. Also, all mentor sessions are recorded so you can review them later even if you were unable to participate.

Real-Time Paper Trading Simulator

Warrior Trading’s new WT Simulator platform is a real-time trade simulator with a powerful learning device. It was designed for day traders to practice in a simulated, or paper trading, environment with tools, charts and indicators.

As a Windows-based simulator, the software requires a computer running a 64-bit version of Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.

The major advantage of using this system while learning is that you practice without risking real money. You get real-time data and instant order execution that replicates a live brokerage account but without any of the risks. This allows you to refine your trading plan.

Executing successful simulation trades can give you the confidence to start live trading.

The WT Simulator Platform. Source: warriortrading.com

Proprietary Trading Scanners

Warrior Trading also offers clients access to its proprietary stocks scanners and stock market quotes throughout the day, on top of the breaking news updates. Subscribers can also watch mentors stream their live trades in the morning.

Scanning software searches the stock market for good trades. You can even adjust the settings to match those used by Warrior Trader’s featured instructors and mentors. Setting installation can be done in just a few minutes and is a valuable trading tool.

Warrior Trading’s Pricing

Warrior Trading is definitely not one of the cheapest day trader educational options around. Aspiring traders could opt to purchase a decent stock trading book for under $20 (even though you do get their free ebook when you attend a Warrior Trading webinar). However, you are paying for an in-depth educational resource that clearly caters to your success as a trader.

Warrior Trading offers a comprehensive day trading course that provides decent value for the money when compared to paid service competitors. This is especially true when it comes to the group mentoring sessions included with the Warrior Pro service.

Warrior Trader also claims to have a respectable success rate among its trading alumni.

Warrior Trading’s Warrior Starter course bundle:

  • Starting $997 for one month
  • Enroll for $197/month going forward

You will gain access to their chat room, real-time trade simulator, and Warrior Starter classes. You also can cancel, change, or upgrade a subscription to the service whenever you like.

The Warrior Pro package:

  • Starting $5,299 for one-year access, or
  • Starting 90-day access costs $4,299, or
  • Starting $1,497 per month for three months
  • Enroll for $197/month thereafter

You get everything included in the Starter course, along with the more advanced Warrior Pro classes and group mentoring sessions five days a week. Again, you can cancel anytime.

If you just want to subscribe to Warrior Trading’s Chat Room:

  • A five-day trial for just $5
  • Subscribe monthly at $197 per month, or
  • Subscribe quarterly at $149 per month, or
  • Subscribe annually at $99 per month

All of these subscriptions offer access to the chat room, a daily live A/V feed of Ross and other mentors trading, pro trader market commentary, a daily hot stock watch list, live streaming stock scanners, and a proprietary news feed.

The annual subscription also gives you access to high-of-day momentum and gap trade scanner settings formatted for the Trade Ideas platform, as well as a trade reporting sheet.

Although trials are not available for Warrior Trading’s Real-Time Trading simulator, you can subscribe separately to use that software. It includes:

  • A simulated trading account
  • Funded with $200,000 in virtual money
  • Access to real-time quotes, hotkey settings for quick orders, trade history reporting and advanced charting.

You can choose from among three subscription options of a monthly at $127/month, a quarterly at $99/month and an annual at $74/month.

Warrior Trading does have a money back guarantee for investors that purchased Warrior Pro through a webinar link. To be eligible for a refund:

  • Traders have to complete quizzes for the first four chapters of Warrior Starter.
  • You must contact Warrior Trading on, or before, the 14th day of your purchase date for a refund.
  • If you are an Inner Circle student, you need to complete Warrior Starter before your first mentor session during that 14 day period.

Warrior Trading’s Customer Support

The customer support team at Warrior Trading involves a tight-knit team of support agents. They work across social media channels and email, and they report to the main offices in California and Massachusetts. Customers can typically expect a response to inquiries within just a few hours.

Customers will enjoy the personalized support they receive from Warrior Trading’s team and the trading community can start to feel like family. While it does not apparently stop the company from searching for ways to improve their service, Warrior Trading reports an impressive customer satisfaction rating of over 90%.

In addition to providing billing, sales, tech and website support, the growing customer service division at Warrior Trading also consists of a team of traders. As traders themselves, these trader support agents can easily relate to many of the customers they come in contact.

They seem equipped with the knowledge to address student questions. This support can be particularly helpful for members who find that they are unable to participate in the live components of the Warrior Trading programs. It’s also helpful for those who need to submit questions after hours.

Warrior Trading’s Ease of Use

Warrior Trading offers an easily navigated web interface to access information on short term trading strategies in both video and text form. The course was designed for beginners and more advanced users, so it is easy to use and access the services you choose to pay for.

Educational videos and web pages walk you through how to use the trade simulator for Windows computers and through other services like the trade scanner. If you have questions, you can easily pull up a responsive Live Chat feature to compliment the extensive FAQ section on Warrior Trading’s website to quickly get answers.

Final Thoughts

Warrior Trading offers a premium-priced online day and swing trader educational service that seem to have helped many traders get started on the right foot. The Warrior Pro program provides group mentoring services that can be especially useful if you need specific feedback from an experienced trader.

The trading simulator and stock scanning software can also be useful tools for traders learning the ropes or for more experienced traders who need to refine their strategies.

Long-term investors and trend traders may want to look elsewhere, so make sure this program is right for you before you sign up. Do your research in advance.

In order to get a refund, you must have made your purchase of Warrior Pro in a webinar. Warrior Trading also asks that students the quizzes for the first 4 chapters of the program and request their refund by day 14 of their membership.

Sign up for a free online training session or open an account with Warrior Trading to further your trading education.

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