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September 8, 2021
Bulls on Wall Street
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Trading in the markets is difficult even for the most knowledgeable professionals. All the YouTube videos, chatrooms, and books overwhelm new traders. Bulls on Wall Street is a trading education business run by Kunal Desai and Paul Singh. They have been teaching day trading and swing trading strategies to retail traders for over 13 years to help them take advantage of new opportunities in the markets. It is one of the few trading services that offers award-winning live classes to support new and struggling traders throughout their trading journey. The company provides chat rooms, events and tools to help traders develop and improve their trading skills.

Best For
  • Day and swing traders
  • Instructors have more than 40 years of combined trading experience
  • Classes are taught live
  • All classes are recorded and archived
  • Students can watch the instructor trade live
  • Students’ trades are reviewed and graded by instructors
  • Instructors and support easy to reach by phone
  • Can be expensive

Bulls on Wall Street Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
Mobile App
User Benefits
User Experience

Learn Investing With Bulls on Wall Street

Bulls on Wall Street is an excellent source for gaining knowledge and using what you learn to become more profitable. Benzinga gives the platform a 4-star rating because of all the courses and features you receive.

A free Bulls Trading Kit is the most basic service. You sign up for a free account using your email address. You will receive the Bulls Trading Handbook, beginning trading courses and individual trading consultations. The Bulls Trading Handbook is 27 pages and covers the terminology, strategy and function of the technical analysis.

The introductory trading course gives you 4 videos that include Market Basics, How We Trade, Technical Analysis and Charting Setup. Each video provides an overview of Bulls on Wall Street’s approaches.

 The individual consultations help you to develop a trading plan and build a strategy.

The Live 60-Day Trading Boot Camp is in 2 parts: live trading. The live trading section is 4 days a week for 1 month. You do evening classes focused on charting, technical analysis, fundamentals, trading approaches, trends, psychology and risk management.

The trading section works with a trading instructor on the daily movements, keeping journals, simulation and feedback.

Bulls Vision is the day trading course. You work with the CEO and lead instructor, Kunal Desai. He helps you navigate the markets, points out trades and gives commentary. You have access to trading alerts, screen sharing, chat rooms, watch lists, workshops, the TC2000 trading software and recaps.

Swing trading looks for changes in prices, volume and momentum trades. You receive access to on-demand boot camps, swing trading ideas, mentoring, the TC 2000 trading software, chat rooms and live events.

The events and workshops cover areas to improve your trading skills. You learn about the most common mistakes, momentum trading, creating a watch list, part-time trading and shorting.  

TC2000 Trading Software

The TC2000 software lets you monitor possible trades using a Mac, iOS, Android or online. You get real-time charting, interactive watch lists, live simulators and custom pricing alerts. These features connect you with everything in the markets. 

Bulls on Wall Street Customer Service

Bulls on Wall Street gives you numerous ways of contacting customer service. You can get the answers to most of your questions through the FAQ section or on YouTube. You also have the option of contacting the company through email, an online form, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The response times are within a few hours, and you can resolve any issues quickly. 

Bulls on Wall Street Pricing

Bulls on Wall Street offers different pricing plans. The Bulls Trading Kit is free, and you sign up using your email. You also receive a free weekly swing trading report.

The Live 60-Day Trading Boot Camp is $2,850 for access to all courses and services.

The Day Trading and Swing Trading plans are $199 monthly or $1,499 yearly.

The TC2000 software gives 2 pricing options for gold and platinum members. The gold plan is $4.98 per month. The platinum is $64.97 per month. 

Bulls on Wall Street Mobile App

Bulls on Wall Street has a mobile application for the TC2000 software. Users can access their 60-day trading boot camp from the convenience of their computer, or smart phone, along with joining Bulls on Wall Street's boot camp community on their premium discord server.

Bulls on Wall Street User Benefits

Bulls on Wall Street teaches you effective trading strategies for taking advantage of disparities in the markets. You learn how to use charting and identify new opportunities. These skills are helpful in day trading and swing trading. You can apply what you learn to become more profitable and avoid costly mistakes. 

Bulls on Wall Street User Experience

Bulls on Wall Street’s site is user-friendly. Everything is easy to use and navigate. You can address most issues through the FAQ section and YouTube videos. Everything you need is available and straightforward to locate. 

Bulls on Wall Street vs Competitors

Bulls on Wall Street stands out against competitors by improving your trading. You have a comprehensive selection of courses, tools and work with experts to enhance your skills. The only challenge is dedicating the time and having the discipline to learn everything.

Competitors do offer similar trading courses and the costs are lower. The issue is these companies are not as wide-ranging and focus on specific aspects of trading. You don’t receive the same tools or support as you get with Bulls on Wall Street. 

Bulls on Wall Street Overall

We rate Bulls on Wall Street with 4.5 stars. The company gives you lots of tools and education, and you learn from some of the best instructors. The drawbacks are customer service does not have live support over the phone and the plans are pricey. You don’t have any free trial or the ability to cancel your membership. Aside from these issues, the application is worth the costs and improves your trading skills. 

Bulls on Wall Street Tutorial

Bulls on Wall Street gives you access to numerous videos that answer your questions and help you understand how the application works.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Bulls on Wall Street mean?


Bulls on Wall Street helps you become a profitable stock trader using the ideas you learn. 


Is Bulls on Wall Street legit?


Bulls on Wall Street is a legitimate resource for learning and improving your trading skills. The instructors and content receive high ratings for customer satisfaction. 

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