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April 16, 2021
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If you have multiple investment or brokerage accounts, it can be difficult to keep track of how your investments are actually performing — and where you can afford to trim the fat. Enter Sharesight, a comprehensive portfolio tracker that allows you to keep tabs on all of your investments in 1 simple spot. Track cash, stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies and much more on Sharesight’s intuitive platform.

Getting started with Sharesight is exceptionally simple, which can be a major asset for new investors or investors who are managing their own accounts for the first time. Though Sharesight might not be all-inclusive when it comes to American brokerages, it can be an excellent choice for international investors searching for an easier solution to asset management.

Best For
  • International investors with multiple Oceanic or European brokerage accounts
  • Investors who want to automatically track the value of their cryptocurrencies
  • Investors who are searching for a simplified portfolio tracker suitable for beginners
  • Advanced reporting options make it easier to track how your investments are performing on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Unique tax reporting tools allow you to set your own tax residency and the end of your tax year.
  • A free trial allows you to test out Sharesight’s features with up to 10 holdings before making a commitment to a premium plan.
  • The software tracks 8 major cryptocurrencies as assets.
  • Only supports 8 major cryptos

Sharesight Ratings at a Glance

Why Sharesight Portfolio Tracker Over Others?

Sharesight’s portfolio tracking software offers a few unique advantages over competitors, including:

  • Beginner-friendly interface: Sharesight’s beginner-friendly interface is easy to master and perfect for new investors with multiple accounts to manage.
  • Mobile optimized format: With a well-optimized mobile app and mirrored compatibility of the desktop platform, Sharesight is a great choice for anyone who manages their investments on the go.
  • Flexible tax reporting options: No matter where you live, Sharesight allows you to customize your tax reporting and filing dates to make paying your bill on-schedule a breeze. 

Sharesight Supported Assets

Sharesight is a portfolio tracker, allowing you to link your financial accounts and view a complete picture of your investments. After linking your accounts, Sharesight will log and track your deposits, withdrawals and value movements from each account over time. Some of Sharesight’s supported account types include:

  • Online brokerage accounts: Sharesight can automatically import trades directly from a growing list of American brokerages, including Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, Robinhood, Vanguard and Fidelity. Investors are also able to import and add trades via CSV/Excel files or manually on the platform Sharesight supports stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and other assets on most major international exchanges. Sharesight also supports and tracks 8 major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens and more.
  • Cash accounts: Sharesight also supports cash accounts and tracks the changing values of these accounts like online brokerage accounts.
  • Accountants and accounting software: A unique feature that Sharesight offers is its direct accounting communications. Allow your accountant to access your Sharesight portfolio securely and privately. This allows you to streamline your financial services more effectively without emailing sensitive data back and forth.

If you need to add an asset that Sharesight doesn’t currently support, you can do so manually by using the platform’s custom investment feature. This can be a useful feature for anyone who has an unsupported brokerage account, another type of cryptocurrency or property they need to include in their overall financial portfolio. You can also import investment data using an Excel spreadsheet or PDF. 

Sharesight Usability

One of the biggest strengths Sharesight offers is its incredibly intuitive and beginner-friendly design. Anyone can quickly begin with the portfolio tracker and link their accounts, regardless of prior technical experience. Some of the unique features Sharesight offers that make it a great choice for beginners include:

  • Simple signups: Getting started with Sharesight is exceptionally easy — just enter your personal information, link your holdings and start tracking your portfolio more effectively. You can even sign up directly through your Google account.

Not yet sure if Sharesight is right for you? Start with a free trial account and track up to 10 holdings while you test out the platform’s layout and software options.

  • Easy dividend tracking: Sharesight automatically tracks your domestic and foreign dividend income and organizes data into an easy-to-understand chart. The Sharesight platform also tracks your dividend yield, how your yield is changing over time and your dividend reinvestment programs in place.     

If you have multiple streams of dividend income to track, Sharespace will help you organize your reinvestments with one simple platform. 

  • Tax solutions: No matter where you live, Sharesight can help make paying and reporting your taxes easier. Sharesight provides accounts to asset holders in over 100 countries, and you can customize your tax reports to account for both local and international tax dates. Set your tax residency and the end of your tax year to automatically generate your tax reports.

Sharesight’s Sold Securities reports can be especially beneficial for investors who need to calculate multiple instances of capital gains taxes. This report provides you with information on the total return on any sold shares within a defined range of dates, and you can toggle between currency and percentage returns as well to make reporting easier. Once you’ve finalized the report, you can export your data to an Excel spreadsheet or a Google Sheets document to make sharing easier. 


Quickly calculate your profits, losses, income and capital gain liability with Sharesight’s simple Sold Securities Report feature.  

No matter which tools you need, Sharesight shines when it comes to comprehensive information, a beginner-friendly platform and easy insights into your investments. 

Sharesight Pricing

Sharesight offers multiple account types, allowing you to customize your monthly payment based on the features that you need. You can choose from any of the following 4 account levels:

  • Free plan: Sharesight’s free plan allows you to test out the platform with limited reporting features. You can hold a maximum of 1 portfolio and 10 holdings on the free plan and you have access to automatic dividend reporting and price reports.
  • Starter plan: Sharesight’s Starter plan includes access to all the same features as the Free plan but with the capabilities to track and monitor up to 20 holdings. The Starter plan currently costs $15 per month with discounts available for yearly contracts.
  • Investor plan: The Investor plan is Sharesight’s most popular offering, including everything in the Starter with the capabilities to track an unlimited number of holdings and up to 3 portfolios. You’ll also have access to advanced reporting features, cash accounts, Xero integration and more. The Investor plan is currently priced at $24 per month with annual discounts available.
  • Expert plan: The Expert plan is Sharesight’s most comprehensive offering. The Expert includes everything in the Investor plan plus the ability to track up to 5 portfolios. You’ll also gain access to the most advanced reporting options, including Contribution Analysis Reports from 5 custom groups. The Expert plan also includes priority customer support. This plan is currently priced at $31 per month with annual discounts available. 

Sharesight offers a variety of plan options, allowing you to balance your expenses while also ensuring that you have access to all the tools you need. Annual discounts are also available on all paid plans.

Sharesight Customer Support

Sharesight offers a few different customer service contact methods you can use if you run into trouble when opening or using your account.

  • Sharesight Help Centre: The Sharesight Help Centre is an easy and convenient way to solve the most common account issues.
  • Sharesight Community Forum: With the Sharesight Community Forum, you can view announcements, share tips and view insights from other investors.
  • In-app chat: If you have a paid account, you can also message the Sharesight team through your account platform by clicking on the orange icon button and selecting the “New Conversation” option.
  • Email support: To send an email message to the Sharesight team, click on the “Help” tab above the “Send us a message” icon on your platform. This option is only available to Investor and Expert plan holders.

Sharesight Expert plan holders also have access to priority email and chat support. Currently, no specific phone option exists for those with hearing limitations. 

Sharesight Mobile App

Tracking your portfolio on-the-go is simple with Sharesight’s free mobile app. Simply download the app from the iPhone or Google Play store, link your Sharesight account and enjoy instant access to all of your brokerage information. 


With a clear, straightforward format perfectly optimized for mobile, tracking your investments on-the-go is simple with Sharesight’s no-nonsense app. 

Some of our favorite features of the Sharesight mobile app include:

  • An intuitive design: The Sharesight app was designed to provide quick portfolio insights without flipping through endless menu screens. When you open the app, you’ll immediately see a summary of all of your linked accounts’ current values, data from the last time the account was updated and a percentage estimate of your total gain or loss on each account since inception. Open your app with a few taps, check your balances and be on your way.
  • In-depth holding information: If you do need to manage your accounts and track your investments on the road, the Sharesight app also allows you to access more detailed information. View value information using a specific date range, toggle between value changes in dollars or percentages, include or exclude closed positions, retrieve dividend information and much more. 

Manage your holdings with Sharesight’s in-depth analysis and tracking tools — no matter where you are. 

  • Grouping tools: The Sharesight app allows you to group investments by country, industry, market and more using the same method as the desktop platform. 

Sharesight Overall Rating

With an easy-to-use platform and plenty of data and analysis tools, Sharesight is an excellent portfolio tracker for both long-term investors and day traders alike. Some of the features that we love include Sharesight’s simplified tax reporting features, advanced reporting options and easy importing options. While Sharesight doesn’t support direct links from some of America’s most popular brokers, you can still add these and other nonsupported assets using the platform’s custom investment feature. 

Sharesight is also one of the only portfolio trackers we’ve seen that supports cryptocurrency investments as a native feature.

In the future, we’d love to see Sharesight expand its customer service options to include specific contact methods for people with hearing limitations and add more options for free account holders. We also can’t wait to see how Sharesight continues to expand its supported brokers for American investors in the future.  

Overall, Sharesight is a solid choice for investors who have multiple brokerage accounts and who need a simple solution to track their profits. Sharesight’s advanced data and tax reporting features also make it an exceptionally powerful tool when it comes time to file and track dividend income. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the costs for Sharesight?


Anything less than 10 shares in a portfolio is free. Those that have more than 10 shares pay $12.95 a month. 



What are some excellent stock portfolio trackers?


Some of the best portfolio trackers include Morningstar, Personal Capital and MarketWatch.

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