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Contributor, Benzinga
June 27, 2022
Market Rebellion
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Market Rebellion was established to help traders get an edge on trading options, stocks and crypto. To equip traders, Market Rebellion developed training programs and tools to enhance their technical and fundamental analysis, as well as teach them the psychology of trading.

Its mentors are professional traders determined to provide the best education by unlocking institutional information and sharing it with retail investors. Market Rebellion offers online learning programs enabling traders to pace their learning by submerging themselves in a wealth of education in videos, tests and live Q&A sessions.

Formerly known as Investitute, Market Rebellion provides educational material to traders wanting the best market positioning by improving their technical and fundamental analysis. Market Rebellion teaches options, stock and crypto traders institutional information via online classes containing theory and strategy education.

The company also teaches traders to ensure that their analysis is devoid of emotions by instilling in them the psychology of trading. Besides videos, live Q&A sessions and tests, Market Rebellion offers traders newsletters, live seminars and one-on-one coaching. 

Best For
  • Novice to experienced traders
  • Technical and fundamental retail investors
  • Options, stock and crypto traders
  • Traders seeking professional mentors
  • Investors wanting institutional information
  • Traders wanting to learn the psychology of trading
  • Offers experienced personal mentors
  • Online programs and one-on-one coaching
  • Market alerts and trading strategies via newsletter
  • Learning at your pace
  • Educational programs tailored for traders of all levels
  • Various products to suit needs and skill levels
  • Member rooms encouraging interaction with pro traders
  • High product prices

Market Rebellion Ratings at a Glance

Market Rebellion Product Offering

Market Rebellion offers several benefits to traders of all levels and financial markets. Because it caters to everyone and offers high-quality products presented by experienced mentors, Market Rebellion gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Unusual Option Activity

One of the company’s main products is Unusual Option Activity (UOA) Pro. This feature is perfect for expert traders. Traders receive alerts about stocks and industries that could provide significant price action. The company’s HeatSeeker algorithm identifies unusual option activity and institutional trades, which Market Rebellion shares with subscribers. 

UOA Pro teaches traders how to spot unusual options activity, identify trade ideas and manage positions. 

Unusual Option Swing Trading is geared toward new traders, providing them with one trade idea per week. The Pro version is tailored for active traders seeking at least 10 trade ideas weekly. It also entitles members to three weekly webinars, a 24/7 member’s forum and a weekly newsletter containing options trading insights and trades of the week. Pro members receive the ticker symbol, time frame and price of assets on the move.

Some of the pages that members can access are activity, technicals and market notes. The activity page lets you search for options trades and certain stocks. It also provides a live chat so you can interact with other traders. 

The technicals page offers insightful technical analysis of U.S. indices. And the market notes page offers information such as earnings reports, stock ratings and information about commodities and forex markets.

Rebel Pit

Market Rebellion provides an interactive platform for members and mentors. Not only does it allow traders to exchange ideas and strategies, but it also provides them access to mentors. The Rebel Pit is a trading room led by Chief Options Strategist Ryan Mastro. If you’re a trader who prefers to see what the pros are trading and how they analyze markets, Rebel Pit provides you access to them.

New traders who are uncertain about their analysis can get feedback from mentors. Pro traders needing confirmation can get it from expert analysts. Rebel Pit is an interactive platform to ensure traders they’re not alone in their journeys. Members can get feedback in real time via the market chat and keep up with pro traders to see what they’re trading. 

The great thing about Rebel Pit is that it enables traders to get in on the action as it’s happening and follow changing trends as advised by the mentors. This membership entitles you to at least 10 weekly trades, a live market daily analysis by Ryan Mastro, a one-hour daily webinar to get your questions answered and a weekly roundup on Fridays. Also included in this subscription are a market newsletter and TNT options.

Smart Spreads

Smart Spreads is a product for beginners and pro traders. Trading isn’t about impulsive moves that you hope will pan out, the most profitable traders are consistent. That’s the idea behind Smart Spreads. Market Rebellion designed this program to provide trading ideas that have the highest probability of success long term.

It teaches you to enter positions that are likely to provide consistent returns. Mastro shows you how to become a profitable trader by collecting premiums in options trading and sends two weekly trades, one bullish and one bearish. If the trade doesn’t work out, Mastro shows you how to correct it so you can use it for future trades.

You’ll get information about when to get into the trade and when to collect premiums so you reduce risks. The weekly webinar enables you to ask questions about your trades. Part of the package is the members forum and a weekly newsletter.  

Equity Oracle

Equity Oracle is for traders seeking technical analysis guidance about the stock market. Chartered Market Technician AJ Monte provides technical analysis to beginner and intermediate traders by showing swing trades to enter, coupled with a risk management plan.

The subscription is a weekly newsletter including videos of medium-term equity trades that enable you to study AJ’s analysis and enter the trades. Also included in the service is live weekly access to the members forum and top mentors. 

Oracle Hour

Traders wanting live interaction via webinars for equities will find Oracle Hour appealing. AJ Monte provides technical analysis for 30 stocks chosen by members. During the hour, Monte analyzes stocks so that you get insight into his strategies and how to position yourself in the market.

The time limit placed on this live webinar prevents Monte from answering member questions.

Crypto Trading Room

Market Rebellion designed a comprehensive crypto program to help beginning to advanced traders take advantage of big crypto moves. It’s a course designed to help beginners open trades and pro traders receive the best strategies by using advanced tools.

Besides teaching you how to trade and optimize advanced strategies, the Crypto Trading Room program also offers trading ideas. The mentors provide two weekly trades and technical analysis so you can see their strategies, ask questions and receive feedback about your trades.

This subscription service also serves as a platform to provide crypto market updates such as news and daily webinars to keep traders in the loop about price action. You can also interact with other traders and swap ideas via the members forum.

Market Rebellion Customer Service

After examining all of the support avenues, Benzinga has determined that Market Rebellion receives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

When you get stuck during a trade, the last thing you want is to scramble for help. Market Rebellion provides help in several ways. Traders can use the live chat option to speak to a representative for real-time feedback. This option operates best during business hours whereas you might have to wait some time for feedback after hours.

If you don’t need feedback on the spot, you can fill out the contact form. Support provides prompt replies, accompanied by product offerings if you select that option. Sometimes the best option is to speak to a consultant on the phone, and Market Rebellion enables you to do that.

The Support Center page provides information about common questions, such as completing orders, managing payment methods, connecting to webinars and adjusting account settings.

Market Rebellion Security

The security on this platform receives a 4.5 out of 5 stars for several reasons. 

Market Rebellion wanted to ensure its clients safety, so it adopted government-regulated processes to abide by high-security standards to ensure that client personal information and assets are safe.

The platform requires members to use real names, enable passwords and verify their identities.

Market Rebellion Pricing

Market Rebellion receives 3.5 out of 5 stars for its pricing. It’s the one area where it can improve so that more traders can access valuable information to improve their trading.

Although Market Rebellion offers numerous products and valuable alerts, some of its packages cost several thousand dollars, such as the Unusual Option Activity, which is the company’s most popular product. However, users also have the option of subscribing to monthly packages, which are reasonably priced.

Traders can also opt for one-on one coaching, costing $300 per hour. On the affordable spectrum, users can sign up for the Crypto Trading Room for $30 per month. That’s a good deal because the program contains tutorials, technical analysis by pros and market news.  

Market Rebellion User Benefits

Although Market Rebellion is a learning center for traders, it offers a lot of free educational content. Beginners and advanced traders will find the tutorial videos helpful, ranging from learning about stop orders to incorporating several trading strategies.

The platform also offers a free Smart Money book, specifying unusual option activity trading and how to choose the right options trading. Other free videos are roundtables and webinars of the founders discussing the markets and weekly market reports.

Market Rebellion offers members in-person training at two-day trading boot camps known as Rebel Con. Participants learn technical and fundamental analysis from Market Rebellion mentors and founders.

Market Rebellion UX

The website and platforms are simple to use, which is the reason that Market Rebellion receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. Beginner traders will find that the platform navigates them easily to open trades while pro traders will benefit from advanced tools. 

Traders can access videos and the Support Center page to get started. The website offers several support methods such as live chat and calls. If you’re uncertain about your trade position, Market Rebellion assists by offering one-on-one coaching.

Market Rebellion vs. Competitors

Market Rebellion has a few competitors in the online trading learning industry. Although they are similar in offering videos and Q&A sessions, Market Rebellion differs with its additional products. It offers one-on-one trading, member forums, market alerts, webinars and comprehensive crypto-learning programs. Market Rebellion also offers a wealth of free educational content.

Market Rebellion Overall

Market Rebellion receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. It offers beginners and pro traders various subscription services. Traders can choose packages based on their skill levels and affordability. The platform also has a lot of free educational content and enables traders to interact and receive feedback about their trades from professionals.

The platforms are convenient, but Market Rebellion should try to reduce the price of its main product, Unusual Option Activity Pro.

Market Rebellion Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Market Rebellion do?


If you’re wondering what Market Rebellion does, it is an online trading institution offering videos, newsletters, Q&A live sessions and member forums for stock, option and crypto traders. Users can subscribe to various services to access webinars, chart analysis, feedback about their trades, market alerts and one-on-one coaching. If you want to learn to trade options, this platform is can be just what you need.


Is Market Rebellion free?


Some of the education content that Market Rebellion offers is free. It’s suitable for beginners and advanced traders. The platform also provides roundtables and market updates by the founders. Market Rebellion offers subscription services and coaching to traders.

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How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I was hesitant to pay a service for market education and guidance. There are so many options out there and they can’t all be as good as they say they are. I did some research here and just in general. The customer service was surprisingly good to great.

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How do you use this product to boost your finances?

unusual activities

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How do you use this product to boost your finances?


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