Agilon Health Inc. (AGL) Stock

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September 3, 2021
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Vol / Avg.2.169M / 2.963MMkt Cap4.657B
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Take a look at Agilon Health Inc. (NYSE: AGL) in this super hot market. The Long Beach-based healthcare company makes its money by fostering connections between Medicare patients and physicians. 

Thinking about learning how to buy stocks in Agilon Health Inc. (NYSE: AGL), or any stock, for that matter? Continue reading below to learn how.

Agilon Health Financial History

Agilon Health Inc. (NYSE: AGL) was founded in 2016. The company has around 130,000 Medicare Advantage patients in its network but lost $282 million in 2019 and $60 million in 2020. Recently, the company sold off some of its operations in California. All in all, the company hopes to raise over $1 billion in its initial public offering (IPO).

Agilon Health Potential

Agilon Health Inc. (NYSE: AGL) acts as a partnership facilitator between network and physician groups in the Medicare space. Since Agilon services Medicare patients, any government expansion of Medicare could benefit the stock. In contrast, any reductions in Medicare could result in a decline in share price. Recent IPOs have proven unpredictable, so be sure to use stop-losses to limit risk.

How to Buy Agilon Health (AGL) Stock

Agilon Health Inc. (NYSE: AGL) will have its debut on the New York Stock Exchange on April 15, 2021. Before you buy Agilon, you want to choose the right brokerage for you. 

  1. Pick a brokerage.

    The first thing you need to do to buy shares of Agilon Health Inc. (NYSE: AGL): Pick a brokerage to open an account. Most brokerages have eliminated commissions, so you shouldn't have to pay a lot of extra fees.

    Begin your brokerage search by defining your individual goals as an investor. Consider choosing a brokerage that allows you to practice with paper trading, or fake money, if you've never traded before. Finally, pay attention to any promotional offers, as you could end up with free stocks or more.

  2. Decide how many shares you want.

    Decide how many shares of Agilon Health, Inc. (NYSE: AGL) you want to buy. Begin this process by deciding how much money you want to invest. Then shift your focus to the stock price, your investing time horizon and your risk tolerance.

    Always keep in mind that any money you invest should involve money you can afford to lose. All stocks can have volatile prices at times, but a recent IPO is prone to this risk. Consider investing less money into this stock than you normally would. 

  3. Choose your order type.

    Once you have your number of shares in mind, you need to decide what type of order to use. Since this is a recent IPO, you may want to strongly consider using a limit order.

    A limit order allows you to specify the maximum price you will pay for shares of a company. In contrast, a market order will fill almost instantaneously at the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) price. Even though limit orders take longer to fill, you may want to exercise caution and use one here.

  4. Execute your trade.

    Finally, execute your trade. Simply press the "buy" button and wait for your brokerage to execute your order. Once this happens, your shares of Agilon Health Inc. (NYSE: AGL) will appear in your brokerage account.

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A Unique Approach to the Healthcare Industry

Agilon Health, Inc. (NYSE: AGL) is a relatively new company but offers a unique approach to the healthcare industry. At the end of the day, only invest money into a brand-new IPO that you are willing to lose and potentially lose fast.