Cigna Dental Savings Plan Review

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October 13, 2021
Cigna Dental
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The Cigna Dental Savings Plan is a more affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance. Like traditional health or dental insurance, you’ll pay a premium to keep your discount plan current. However, instead of paying a premium every month, you’ll pay off your entire annual premium when you sign up for coverage. When you need dental treatment, you can use your Cigna Dental Savings plan to receive a discount on services. Fees vary by region, but on average, dental plan holders save about 35% on their treatments. Using a dental plan in lieu of insurance also allows you to get the services you need without the hassle of filing a claim. 

While not a form of dental insurance, investing in a dental savings plan can help you control the costs of your oral care needs. Unlike many dental insurance options, the Cigna Dental Savings Plan can be used for cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics care so long as you choose a service provider that’s within Cigna’s network. Though a savings plan won’t cover any of the costs of your actual care, it can provide individuals and families with an option to lower their costs without breaking the bank. 


Best For
  • Anyone who doesn’t have dental insurance
  • Anyone looking to save money on dental care costs
  • Families looking for affordable dental assistance
  • Allows you to save an average of 35% on dental care costs
  • Includes a network of 88,000 dental professionals
  • Discounts can be used on cosmetic dental procedures
  • Does not cover any portion of your dental care costs
  • Not available in every state

Cigna Dental Ratings at a Glance

Savings Plan Overall Rating
Dental Discounts Available from Savings Plan
Savings Plan Customer Service
Savings Plan Pricing
User Benefits
User Benefits

Cigna Dental Savings Plan Overall Rating

If a full dental insurance plan isn’t in your budget right now but you still need dental care, Cigna’s Dental Savings Plan can provide you with a more affordable option to save on care costs.

With a wide network of dental service providers offering discounts and easily accessible customer service, Cigna goes above and beyond to ensure that you can use your benefits.

While benefits are not standardized across care providers ( you’ll need to contact Cigna to learn more about benefit percentages with your care provider), Cigna’s affordable premiums and no waiting periods can make this savings plan an attractive option for anyone in need of quick care.  

Dental Discounts Available from Cigna Dental Savings Plan

  • On average, users save up to 35% on their dental bills.
  • Individual coverage for men and women ages 18 or older
  • Family coverage for individual, their spouses and any dependents younger than 17
  • Unique coverage for senior citizens

Cigna Dental Savings Plan Customer Service

Cigna offers a few unique options that you can use to contact the company’s customer service team, change from a family to an individual plan or locate a participating dentist in your area.

  • Via phone (general inquiries): To contact Cigna via phone, call 800-997-1654. Customer service is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Via phone (locate a dental service provider): To contact Cigna and get help finding a dental professional in your area where you can use your benefits, call 800-240-2035. Location assistance is available from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Cigna also offers specialized phone service for men and women with hearing difficulties. 

Cigna Dental Savings Plan Pricing

One of the biggest benefits that comes with signing onto the Cigna Dental Savings plan is that coverage is exceptionally more affordable when compared to the cost of dental insurance.

For an individual, you’ll pay just $96 per year. This averages out to $8 per month for coverage. A plan for a family costs $132, which equals $11 per month.

This makes the Cigna Dental Savings Plan significantly more affordable than dental insurance, which may cost more than $30 a month for individual coverage.

User Benefits

When you sign onto a Cigna Dental Discount Plan, you’ll receive discounts each time you visit an in-network dental service provider for a service or treatment. Though there is no set discount you’ll receive each time you schedule a dental procedure, on average, Cigna customers save about 35% on their dental bills.

Cigna’s network includes more than 88,000 dental service providers, and the company also offers a helpline you can use to find a dentist in your area that offers discounted services to Cigna customers.

Unlike traditional dental insurance, you won’t need to file any claims with Cigna. Instead, you’ll receive your discount directly at the point of service, paying any remaining balance out of pocket. Additionally, Cigna’s dental savings plans also include no waiting period, which means you can begin using your benefits immediately. This can make a dental savings plan a viable option for anyone who needs dental services as soon as possible. 

User Benefits

Cigna offers a number of resources that makes the company’s dental savings plan easier to use. Some of the most popular resources that make Cigna’s user experience more streamlined include the following:

  • Quick and simple signups: Signing up for dental savings with Cigna is exceptionally easy. Simply enter your ZIP code, choose which plan you’re looking for and sign up for coverage. You’ll pay your annual premium up front and begin enjoying your benefits immediately. With no application or invasive health questions, this makes the dental plan an option for quick coverage.
  • A wide network of providers: If you’re worried about finding a dental service provider who operates within Cigna’s network, know that you have a customer service team standing by to assist you in getting the care you need. When you need to find a dental service provider, you can use Cigna’s online search tool or call its customer care line, which will connect you with a local representative who can help you find care options near you. Cigna’s network includes more than 88,000 dental service providers across the country — so you can rest assured that there is likely a care option that’s convenient to you.
  • Assistance using your coverage: If you visit a dental service provider within Cigna’s network that does not recognize your discount, you can contact Cigna’s customer service team directly for help. With your permission, Cigna’s team will then contact the office and help guide you through your coverage. This can be a particularly great benefit if you’ve had dental savings coverage rejected in the past.

With a comprehensive customer service team and plenty of providers, Cigna’s Dental Savings Plan earns top marks for its easy user experience. 

Cigna Dental Savings Plan vs Competitors

No matter where you live, you’ll have multiple options for dental insurance or to sign onto a dental savings plan. The following are some of the benefits you’ll receive with Cigna’s option for dental savings over competitors:

  • Use of non-necessary dental care services: No dental insurance plan will cover the costs of dental treatments that are not deemed medically necessary — like teeth whitening. Cigna’s Dental Savings Plan allows you to use your discounts on cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics so long as you stay within the company’s network.
  • Consistent customer service: If you’ve never used a dental savings plan before, you might want to consider Cigna because the company offers a wealth of customer service resources you can use to access plan information. For example, Cigna offers a helpline you can use to connect your dental service office with Cigna’s team in the event that you have trouble using your benefits.
  • A single annual premium: Keeping track of multiple premium payments across providers can be challenging. In lieu of a monthly payment that you’ll need to fit into your budget, Cigna offers a single affordable annual premium to maintain your coverage. This allows you to ensure that you’re covered without needing to remember to send your payment each month. 

Get Started With Cigna’s Dental Savings Plan

The most important consideration to make as you think about signing onto a dental discount plan is when you’ll need to use your coverage. Though Cigna’s plan comes with no waiting period, it’s always better to enroll in coverage before you need to visit your dental service provider. Get started with a custom quote in your area to learn more about the benefits you can expect from Cigna. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


How much does the Cigna Dental Discount Plan cost?


The cost for the Cigna Dental Discount plan is $96 annually for an individual and $132 annually for a family plan. Specific costs, discounts and fees may vary depending on your location.



Is a dental savings plan the same thing as dental insurance?


No. A dental savings plan will not cover any percentage of your care costs like dental insurance. Instead, you’ll receive a discount on dental services when you visit participating dental offices that recognize your provider’s benefits. Dental discount plans are significantly more affordable than dental insurance, which can make them a good option for those looking for low-cost ways to lower their dental care bills. 



Can I get dental insurance from the Marketplace?


If you’re buying a health plan, you may be able to add a dental plan, too. But checking out dental discounts plan first is worthwhile — you may be surprised at how much money you can save.

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