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The right combo of insurance can keep you covered and keep some money in your bank account. The best insurance isn’t always about the cheapest price. We did our research and talked to over 100 companies to find you the best coverage.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Learn about commercial truck insurance, including what it is, who needs coverage, how it works and the best commercial truck insurane companies. read more

Classic Car Insurance

Discover the best classic car insurance companies. Our picks are based on coverage available, flexible usage, parts coverage and more. read more

Nursing Home Insurance

Learn more about nursing home insurance, includng what it covers, when it’s worth it to get covered, how much it costs and the best providers. read more

Earthquake Insurance

Learn all about earthquake insurance, including what it covers, how its different from homeowners insurance and the best earthquake insurance companies. read more

Flood Insurance

Learn more about flood insurance, including what it is, what it covers, when it’s worth it, how to get coverage and the best flood insurance companies. read more

Burial Insurance

Learn more about burial insurance, including definition, if it’s worth it, what it covers and the best burial insurance companies. read more

Best Homeowners Insurance in Florida

Looking for the best homeowners insurance in Florida? Benzinga takes a detailed look at your best options for coverage in 2019. read more

Home Warranty

Looking to protect your valuables past your home insurance policy? Learn what to look for in a home warranty policy, including the best companies to use. read more

Sewer Line Insurance

Deciding whether you should get sewer line insurance? Benzinga takes an in-depth look into when you need it and the best providers for 2019. read more

No-Fault Insurance

Learn more about no-fault insurance, including what it is, what states require it and the best no-fault insurance companies. read more