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The right combo of insurance can keep you covered and keep some money in your bank account. The best insurance isn’t always about the cheapest price. We did our research and talked to over 100 companies to find you the best coverage.

5 Best VA Dental Insurance Companies

Get the coverage you need from a top dental insurance company in Virginia. Search your location to find quotes from Virginia dental plans today. read more

Compare Life Insurance

Compare life insurance and look through Benzinga’s top rated companies. Includes an instant quote option to secure the cheapest life insurance premiums. read more

5 Best California Dental Insurance Companies

See the best dental insurance plans in California. Includes quotes, reviews, and need-to-know info on getting the best dental insurance for you. read more

5 Best Short-term Renters Insurance Companies

See the 5 best short-term renters-insurance companies to insure your vacation home or rental. Includes company reviews, afforadable policies and pros and cons. read more

5 Best Florida Dental Insurance Companies

Dental procedures are expensive. We put together our list of the best dental insurance Florida has to offer. See review, plans, and cost. read more

5 Best WV Dental Insurance Companies

See the best dental plans in wv along with company reviews and custom quote options. You’ll be on your way to the best and cheapest dental insurance in West Virginia. read more

5 Best Utah Dental Insurance Companies

See the best dental insurance plans in Utah. Includes company reviews, quick quote options, and information about dental insurance in Utah. read more

4 Best Nebraska Car Insurance Companies

See the best and cheapest car insurance in Nebraska. Includes company reviews, quotes, and need to know information about car insurance in Nebraska. read more

3 Best Oregon Car Insurance Companies

Oregon auto insurance is a combination of “fault” and “no-fault.” See quotes, company reviews and need to know Oregon car insurance facts. read more

3 Best Idaho Car Insurance Companies

Idaho is a “fault” state, that is, the driver at fault pays damages. See the best car insurance in Idaho including quotes. read more