The right insurance can keep you covered and also let you keep some money in your bank account. (The best insurance isn’t always the cheapest priced.) We did our research and talked to over 100 companies to find you the best coverage.

Insurance Case Studies

Most Dangerous Industries Per State

The construction industry reports the most injuries and workers’ compensation claims in 38 out of 50 states.

Second place goes to the forestry industry, followed by the transportation industry. By law, businesses with more than 1 employee must carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance protects both your business and employees and creates a safety net for wage replacements and medical benefits.

Use our calculator to determine how much workers’ compensation will cost you and your business.


Average Cost of Invisalign per State

Most adults prefer the less noticeable Invisalign over braces because they adjust your teeth more quickly. Unfortunately, you’ll notice the price tag. Why does the average price change from state to state? A number of factors influence the price but your location often means higher or lower costs based on your cost of living.

On the low end, you can expect to pay $3,000 for a round of Invisalign and on the high end, you can expect to pay $9,000. California carries the highest prices for Invisalign while Texas saves you the most money. For a middle-of-the road price, look to Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and North Carolina.

It’s possible your insurance might cover a portion of Invisalign. See a list of dental insurance providers to compare coverage and a list of dental insurance that covers the Invisalign alternative: braces.


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