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Contributor, Benzinga
February 23, 2022
Bulls on Crypto Street Free Course
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Confused about how to trade crypto? You aren’t alone. An asset class as new as cryptocurrency will inevitably have some inefficiencies to exploit, but knowing where to start can be a nightmare. Bulls on Crypto Street wants to fill that knowledge gap with its educational courses that cover the basics of digital currencies, tactics used to trade them and security features to keep your capital safe in this uninsured and unregulated market. But is the Bulls on Crypto course supplying enough bang for your buck? Benzinga breaks down the pros and cons of the program. 

Best For
  • Novice traders
  • Newcomers to cryptocurrency markets
  • Investors who want to learn more about NFTs, yield farming and staking
  • More than 100 lessons covering everything from blockchain basics to cryptocurrency day trading
  • Information on cryptocurrency offshoots like NFTs
  • Purchase guarantees lifetime access to course material
  • Free intro course could be more robust
  • Course cost may price out new investors

Bulls on Crypto Street Free Course Ratings at a Glance

Bulls on Crypto Street Course Options

Bulls on Crypto Street has two main course options — the free intro course and the Crypto Street Bootcamp program which comprises their main lessons and seminars. The free course is an hour-long intro to the basics of cryptocurrency trading. You’ll learn how the blockchain works, the history of Bitcoin (the OG cryptocurrency), which platforms and trading programs to use and techniques on how to improve your acumen and manage risk in volatile crypto markets. You’ll also get access to the Bulls on Crypto Street Discord channel for live updates and trading ideas.

If you go for the full Bootcamp course option, you’ll gain access to the full suite of lessons and trade ideas, which cover everything from blockchain and Bitcoin basics, the world of DeFi (decentralized finance), NFTs, the best exchanges and platforms and instructions on how to trade crypto futures like perpetual swaps. You’ll also get access to the Bulls on Crypto Street Discord channel that features course designer and company founder Kunal Desai.

Desai founded Bulls on Wall Street over a decade ago and has been educating clients on crypto trading since 2016. Currently, more than 100 lessons are available for those who purchase the full Bootcamp course equating to more than 20 hours of course material. While the course is geared toward beginners, even veteran crypto traders can find new edges with this much-needed material.

Bulls on Crypto Street Customer Service

No crypto trading community is complete without a Discord channel, right? The Bulls on Crypto Street Discord allows users to crowdsource troubleshooting concerns that aren’t covered in the FAQ or blog sections. A live chat bot is also available on the site for prospective clients.

Members get 24/7 customer support in addition to access to Discord. You can also contact Bulls on Crypto Street via email at info@bullsoncryptostreet.com. One ding on the customer service front is the lack of 24/7 support for prospective clients as the chatbot only takes messages after working hours.

Bulls on Crypto Street Pricing

The initial price for the course might cause some sticker shock. Nearly $800 for a cryptocurrency trading course? This price point could be too steep a price for those new to cryptocurrency and only willing to devote a small amount of capital toward their efforts.

However, Bulls on Crypto Street has reduced the purchase price to $498 for 2022. And you can reduce this price down even further to $399 by entering the coupon code 50OFF at checkout. Is $400 worth it for a cryptocurrency course? Consider the alternatives.

One of the most popular brands of online courses is Udemy, and it certainly has no shortage of finance and cryptocurrency related offerings. Each Udemy course on cryptocurrency is around $100, but these courses are pared down to a single topic like how to trade Bitcoin or how to use digital wallets with only three to five hours of course material. If you only want to learn about a specific cryptocurrency topic, one or two courses on Udemy might make sense. But the Bulls on Crypto Street Bootcamp is a comprehensive cryptocurrency course covering 100 different lessons through 11 chapters. You’d spend far more than $400 getting all these topics covered on an ala carte basis through Udemy or one that charges a monthly fee like Robert Kiyosaki’s RocketFuel Crypto.

Bulls on Crypto Street Benefits

The Bootcamp course is one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency education courses you can buy. Desai packs his program with different techniques and skills to help improve your cryptocurrency trading, but also pertinent information to keep your account and capital safe.

One of the most under-discussed issues in cryptocurrency is the application of tax laws and how much traders will owe on their profits. With tax day quickly approaching, some clarity would be a great help to those sitting on gains. Desai covers cryptocurrency taxation in-depth, along with other areas of concern like security and scammers. The cryptocurrency markets still resemble the Wild West in many ways and having an experienced pro guide you through the process is both helpful and a confidence booster.

Bulls on Crypto Street User Experience

The sheer volume of material makes Bulls on Crypto Street hard to match. Not only does Desai provide over 10,000 hours of course material, but it comes in a variety of formats — video, readings, live lessons and Q-and-As from course participants. 

The Bootcamp course content is robust, featuring everything from lessons on how to buy Bitcoin, day trading and swing trading, and even how to trade perpetual swaps on the futures markets. The Discord is lively and a great place to ask specific questions about course material or individual coins or NFT projects. Desai himself even shows his favorite trading ideas and how he uses scanners to identify new trading opportunities. Users also get lifetime access to all course material and Discord channels.

Bulls on Crypto Street vs Competitors

The Bootcamp offered by Bulls on Crypto Street provides a level of education that could boost your trading. If you’re an expert crypto trader, you probably don’t need to brush up on basics or learn how to do taxes. Or if you want to dabble in crypto by just buying and holding a little Bitcoin or Ethereum, spending $400 for an entire 100-lesson course might be overkill. But if you are serious about trading crypto, this program will serve you well. Bulls on Crypto stacks up well to its competition when it comes to getting value for your dollar.

Bulls on Crypto Street Overall

The Bootcamp program offered by Bulls on Crypto Street offers information and training for traders at all levels. Seasoned pros likely don’t need refreshers on how to trade Bitcoin or how to set up cold wallets, but they will benefit from advanced trading strategies, risk management, DeFi, NFTs, and how to do fundamental analysis on projects. Crypto markets aren’t for the faint of heart, and Kunal Desai’s hand is a good one to hold when navigating them for the first time.

If you’re working full-time but want to devote more time, energy and capital to cryptocurrency trading, Bulls on Crypto Street is a program to consider. Few education courses pack as much info on various topics into a single offering. Plus, unlike most online courses, you’ll get access to a community of cryptocurrency traders in the same boat as yourself. If you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of digital asset markets, you can’t do much better than Bulls on Crypto Street 

Frequently Asked Questions


What does crypto bull mean?


A bull is someone with an optimistic view on the markets. Crypto bulls are enthusiastic about the prospects of cryptocurrencies and believe the price of these assets will rise in the future. The opposite would be a crypto bear — someone with a pessimistic view on markets and thinks the price of cryptocurrency will decline in the future.


Does Bulls on Crypto Street have a free course?


Yes, the free course is available to anyone who signs up with their email address. Signing up for the free course will allow you to view the full hour-long intro seminar that touches on topics like the history of Bitcoin, wallets, exchanges, charts and trading techniques.

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