Best Pet Insurance in Utah

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When pets fall sick, it can be devastating for your entire family — not to mention expensive. Most people in Utah invest in their own health but overlook saving for their pets’ healthcare. If you don’t want to struggle to afford the care your pet may need in the future, you may want to look into pet insurance plans in Utah.

The Best Pet Insurance in Utah:

Pet Insurance in Utah: An Overview

Is pet insurance really worth the investment? Let’s take a look at some statistics to find out.

Number of U.S. households with pets: 

  • 85 million households have a pet.
  • 42.7 million households own a cat.
  • 63.4 million households own a dog.

Amount spent on pet bills annually: 

Cat owners can expect to spend between $90 to $200 per year for routine vet visits for cats and $200 to $400 per year for routine vet visits for dogs. This does not include emergency or unexpected visits that can range anywhere from an additional $50 to over $1,000, depending on your pet’s situation.

Average cost of pet insurance annually:

Annual insurance costs with accident and illness coverage average $285 for cats and $473 for dogs.

What Does Pet Insurance Typically Cover?

Pet insurance plans have different options. Some insurance plans cover accidents and illnesses, while others are only used to cover accidents (similar to low coverage catastrophic insurance for humans). Each plan has its rules and limits, so it’s important to shop around and read the fine details before settling on a plan.

Typically, most pet insurance plans in Utah cover:

Accidents: Accidents can often be the scariest and most expensive reason why you’ll bring your pet to a vet. From swallowing items to accidental injuries, there are a number of accidents that can cause harm to your pet. When this happens, your pet may need an X-ray, MRI, ultrasound or even surgery. These procedures can be expensive, so having pet insurance can help your pet get the care they need at a cost you can afford.

Illnesses: Just like people, pets can come down with illnesses ranging from simple colds and allergies to digestive problems, thyroid disorders, cancer and more. When this happens, your pet may need antibiotics, an IV, bloodwork or additional testing.

Genetic disorders: Your pet can be born with a hereditary or genetic disorder that may not impact their health until later on in life. Diabetes and kidney disease are common hereditary conditions in cats, while hip dysplasia is a common hereditary condition in dogs. Not all plans include coverage for genetic disorders but may allow you to add it on as additional coverage.

Holistic therapies: After an accident, holistic therapy may be recommended to cause your pet the least amount of stress or pain. Acupuncture, hydrotherapy, holistic herbs and other alternative treatments might be your pet’s best path to care. If you’d like to explore holistic solutions, find a plan that covers them.

Behavioral issues: If your pet needs help with aggression, overlicking, anxiety or other behavioral concerns, you may be able to seek help from your vet. Sometimes medications or alternative care options can help decrease these behaviors. 

Prescription medications: Pets may need prescription medication for a variety of reasons — from treating diabetes or thyroid disorders to antibiotics that could save their lives. These drugs can be expensive without the help of pet insurance.

What Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover

While pet insurance can help you with most veterinary-related expenses, there are a few things it often won’t cover. Behavioral issues requiring a trainer, for instance, are not covered under pet insurance. Some preexisting conditions (illnesses that occurred before you purchased insurance) may not be covered or may require a waiting period before your insurance can be used.

Preventive care, like flea medication, checkups, vaccines and annual visits are also not always covered by pet insurance.

How Pet Insurance Works

Pet insurance works a little differently than the health insurance you may be used to. Most policies work on a reimbursement basis, meaning you’ll pay the full amount up-front to your vet, then receive money back when you submit your receipts and veterinary bills.

How much you’ll get back depends entirely on your policy and deductible. For instance, if your vet visit cost $1,000 and your insurance plan covers 80% of the visit, you’ll receive $800. However, if your deductible is $400 and you haven’t yet met this amount, you’d receive $400 back.

There are a few policies that offer direct pay or discounts, instead of reimbursing you, but most plans work on a reimbursement policy.

Some plans limit the amount of coverage you can receive within a year. Be sure to review coverage limits when selecting your plan.

The Best Pet Insurance in Utah

Now that you understand how pet insurance works, it’s time to look for the best pet insurance for your pet’s needs and your financial situation. There are many different pet insurance plans available in Utah, so be sure to take the time to review each carefully.

To help, we’ve compiled the top 8 pet insurance companies in Utah and grouped them into easy-to-understand categories.

1. High-Quality Pet Insurance: Spot Pet Insurance

Spot Pet Insurance is the No. 1 pet insurance provider recommended by Cesar Millan, the leading expert in dog behavior. Some insurance highlights:

  • Up to 90% reimbursement on eligible vet bills
  • No age cap on coverage
  • Plans start as low as $1 a day* — that’s less than a cup of coffee!

You can customize your coverage and can even add special Spot-On coverage. Coverage options include accidents, behavioral issues, dental disease, illnesses, preventive services and even hereditary and congenital conditions. 

Spot’s claims service is easy. Just visit your vet (don’t forget to give your pet a treat on the way out!), send Spot the bill and get reimbursed.

Take 30 seconds to fetch your free quote now. 

*Rates vary based on plan type, species, breed, age and location

2. Progressive: Best for Flexible Plans

One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to pet insurance. Maybe you need a low deductible or are more interested in a high coverage plan. Progressive offers many options when it comes to customizing your pet’s plan, allowing you to choose your deductible, reimbursement percentage and add-ons, like preventive care coverage.

If you have more than 1 pet enrolled, you’ll also receive a discount for buying multiple insurance policies.

3. Healthy Paws: Best for Fast Reimbursement

While it’s great to know that you’ll be reimbursed for a percentage of your pet’s veterinary bill, it might not be affordable to wait 30 days or more. Healthy Paws solves that pain with its quick reimbursement policy, allowing you to receive your money back in an average of just 2 days. 

Healthy Paws offers a simple plan for all pets and allows you to submit reimbursement claims online for fast processing.

4. PetsBest: Best in Pet Education

Learning more about your pet’s needs can make you a better owner and can help keep them healthier. PetsBest puts your pet first with its helpful resources, online chat features and customizable plans. PetsBest was started by a veterinarian who saw first-hand the needs that pets and their owners had. 

With PetsBest, you have access to preauthorization, meaning you’ll know ahead of time if a service will be covered. It also offers preventive care coverage and has plans that do not have yearly limits.

5. petfirst: Best for Customer Service

The insurance plans from petfirst are all designed with your pet’s best interests in mind. Petfirst has customizable insurance plans that fully explain what is and isn’t covered. It also has a robust resource section, full of FAQs, blog articles and other educational resources. 

When you purchase a petfirst policy, your plan is typically active the day after your purchase, allowing you to start using your insurance plan right away. 

Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy in Utah

Caring for a pet requires more than just feeding and loving them. You also have to be prepared to care for any illness or accident they might experience. Make sure you’re fully covered by purchasing pet insurance in Utah. Shop around for the policy that best suits both you and your pet.

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