Best JavaScript Courses

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February 6, 2020

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Many online JavaScript courses teach the fundamentals of JavaScript and are a good fit if you’re considering a career as a software engineer or web developer. Others are for experienced web developers looking for a challenge.

Benzinga has compiled a list of the best online JavaScript courses whether you’re a novice or have more advanced knowledge.

Best Product JavaScript Courses

Take a quick glimpse at our top picks: 

What Makes a JavaScript Course Great?

JavaScript courses come at all levels and price points. So how do you know which options are best? Look for these key elements as you evaluate courses. 

1. Covers Key Areas 

JavaScript is a massive web development programming language. There’s so much to learn, so it’s vital that the course you select covers the topics you’re most interested in. Otherwise, you could spend hours of your valuable time listening to lectures that are irrelevant or won’t help advance your current skill set. 

2. Affordable 

There are several free and paid JavaScript course options to choose from. It’s a good idea to try out a few free offerings if you’re just getting started. If the material piques your interest and you want to learn more, consider investing in paid courses that fit your budget. 

3. Self-Paced Learning 

Avoid classes that require you to meet strict deadlines. You want a course that’s self-paced so you take your time working through the material until you fully comprehend what’s being taught. 

Our Top Picks

We spent hours researching JavaScript courses to come up with our top picks. The selections are from Coursera and edX and are led by some of the best instructors in the industry.

We’ve organized the courses by level — for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. You will also find a description and enrollment fee for each class to make it easy to find the perfect fit.

JavaScript Course for Beginners

You may find these courses useful if you’re new to JavaScript:

1. JavaScript Introduction by edX

  • Who it's for: Beginners
  • Price: Free

If you want to learn the basics of programming with JavaScript, consider this free introductory course. It is a part of the Front-End Web Developer professional certificate program from W3Cx. 

The class consists of 5 modules: 

  • Introduction to JavaScript 
  • Adding interactivity to HTML
  • Playing with HTML5
  • Structuring data
  • Working with forms 

You will learn how to apply JavaScript code to your website or mobile app, alter the CSS styles of HTML5 elements and debug code. You will also learn how to build interactive websites through the DOM API, create graphics and animations with HTML5 canvas and so much more.

Enrollment is free or you can receive a verified certificate when you finish the course for $99. 

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2. JavaScript Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning (Formerly

Learn the essentials of JavaScript with this beginner course from LinkedIn Learning. It includes mini-projects and real-life demonstrations to foster your understanding of the programming language.

Taught by Morten Rand-Hendriksen, a web designer and developer, this class features 12 modules on a host of core topics. These include working with data, functions and objects, DOM scripting, loops and closure. 

You’ll be tasked with completing 2 projects to demonstrate your material proficiency. The projects will also help you acquire essential skills that can be applied in the field. 

Enrollment is included with a $29.99 monthly LinkedIn membership. You can also test drive the course by registering for a 1-month trial. 

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The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects!

All Levels • 473 videos • 27.9 hours
The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects!
securely through The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects!'s website

3. The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects! By Udemy 

  • Who it's for: Beginners
  • Price: $199.99

The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects! is a Udemy bestseller that can take you from beginner to expert in record time. You will gain invaluable skills that will position you to become an advanced JavaScript developer

The $199.99 enrollment fee includes lifetime access to 166 lectures packed into 28 hours of on-demand video, 11 articles and 1 downloadable resource. The course is also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee if the course doesn’t work for you. 

Instructor Jonas Schmedtmann is a full-stack web developer and designer. He has over 12 years of experience in the field and holds a master’s degree in engineering. 

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Intermediate JavaScript Courses 

Have you mastered the basics of the programming language? Consider these intermediate JavaScript courses. 

4. Programming for the Web with JavaScript by edX

  • Who it's for: Intermediate students 
  • Price: Free

Offered by the University of Pennsylvania, this course is a part of the Computer Science Essentials for Software Development professional certificate program. It provides an in-depth look at modern web development through JavaScript

The course begins with a lesson on web programming basics, followed by how to use JavaScript to create dynamic web pages. You will also learn more about client-side frameworks for modular web page components and what it takes to build scalable web apps with server-side JavaScript. 

Instructor Chris Murphy is an associate professor of practice in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Co-instructor Swapneel Sheth is a senior lecturer in Computer and Information Science. 

There’s no cost to enroll, but you have the option to receive a verified certificate when you complete the course for $99. 

Have a basic knowledge of computer programming and core data structures before enrolling. 

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5. Java Programming: Principles of Software Design by Duke University

  • Who it's for: Intermediate students 
  • Price: Free

Learn how to find resolutions to problems that matter using Java in this intermediate course from Duke University. Java Programming: Principles of Software Design is the 3rd course in the Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals specialization. 

This highly-rated class has been credited with helping students start careers, land pay increases and earn well-deserved promotions. It includes the following modules:

  • Earthquakes: Programming and Interfaces
  • Earthquakes: Sorting Algorithms
  • N-Grams: Predictive Text 
  • Java: Tools and Libraries for Everyone 

There’s no cost to enroll. Expect to spend 20 hours working through the course material. 

It is led by professors Owen Astrachan, Andrew D. Hilton and Susan H. Rodger. Lecturer Robert Duvall also helps facilitate the course. 

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Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript

Intermediate • 56 videos • 5.4 hours
Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript
securely through Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript's website

6. Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript by Udemy

  • Who it's for: Intermediate students 
  • Price: $69.99

Another bestseller from Udemy, this course will teach you how to create basic and regular expressions for matching data in JavaScript. You will also learn how to specify characters and use repetition in regular expressions, use anchored expressions and work with Unicode. 

When you enroll for $69.99, you will have access to 56 lectures condensed into 5.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 article and 21 downloadable resources to give you a holistic learning experience. 

Facilitator Steven Hancock is the president and lead trainer at All Things JavaScript. He has over 15 years of experience in the field and has also worked as a product developer. 

Have a working knowledge of JavaScript before you enroll. You should also have access to a browser and a text editor. 

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Advanced JavaScript Courses

These JavaScript courses cater to advanced program developers. 

7. Advanced JavaScript by Udemy

  • Who it's for: Advanced students 
  • Price: $49.99

Maybe you’ve worked as a program developer for a bit and seek a more advanced role. Learn the skills needed to master interviews for job opportunities with this highly-rated course from Udemy. 

Led by Asim Hussain, an experienced programmer, this course will equip you with the knowledge you need to stand out in interviews. You will also learn how to discuss complex JavaScript concepts confidently.  

The enrollment fee of $49.99 includes full lifetime access to 3.5 hours of on-demand video and 2 articles. 

Have a basic understanding of JavaScript (ES5) before you enroll. 

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8. Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software by Duke University 

  • Who it's for: Advanced students 
  • Price: Free

Are you interested in gaining more advanced knowledge to help you develop and debug programs? This course will show you how to do just that and so much more. 

The class includes 5 modules: 

  • Introduction to the Course 
  • Fundamental Java Syntax and Semantics
  • Strings in Java
  • CSV Files and Basic Statistics in Java
  • MiniProject: Baby Names 

This course is a component of the Object Oriented Programming in Java and Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals specializations from Duke University. 

Enrollment is free. Expect to complete the course in 4 weeks working at a pace of 4 to 8 hours per week.

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9. Ethical Hacking with JavaScript by LinkedIn Learning (Formerly

Learn how to use ethical hacking to identify areas in your company’s network that are prone to attack. This advanced course is divided into 3 sections — introduction and setup, reconnaissance and top security threats. 

The class is facilitated by Emmanuel Henri, an executive with more than 20 years of programming and design experience. He will teach you how to devise an attack strategy, conduct reconnaissance work in an app, prevent injection threats and protect areas with known vulnerabilities. You will also learn how to shield your company against broken authentication and security misconfiguration threats. 

A seat to this course is included with a $29.99 monthly LinkedIn Learning membership. If you’re not yet a member, you can sign up for free with a 1-month trial. 

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Choose the Best JavaScript Course for You

JavaScript courses can take you from a newbie to an expert Web developer in record time. If you’re just starting out with JavaScript, consider a free class for beginners to get your feet wet. Once you’re comfortable, move on to an intermediate course. 

Leverage the knowledge presented in the advanced courses to hone your skills if you’re a professional. When the time is right, you’ll have what it takes to transition into a more rewarding career. 

Consider using our list of recommendations to find the best JavaScript course for you.

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