Best Dart Programming Courses

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In the past year, the Dart programming language has seen a huge increase in popularity. A programming language created by Google, Dart has become more commonly used thanks to Flutter. Are you new to programming or know another language? It can be helpful to have a course guide you through some of the trickier aspects of Dart.  

Quick Look: The Best Dart Programming Courses

Take a quick look at Benzinga’s top picks:

What Makes a Dart Programming Course Great?

There are many online courses where you can learn the Dart programming language without going back to school or enrolling in a lengthy and expensive program. Here are some of the best classes for learning Dart and finding the right online course for you. 

Relevant Material

What do you want to use your Dart programming language for? Are you trying to make an Android or iOS app or do you want to use your new knowledge for another purpose? Decide why you want to learn the Dart programming language and then find a course that teaches that relevant material. Before you commit to a course, look at the curriculum to see what it has to offer. 

Knowledgeable Instructor

What kind of experience does the instructor have? Look at his or her credentials and past student reviews. Was the material split into easy-to-understand modules? See if you can watch a few introductory videos to discover whether the instructor’s teaching style fits you. What works for some might not work for others! Make sure you discover the right fit so you get as much as possible out of the course. 

Recently Updated

New updates are constantly becoming more relevant, so you want to ensure that the course is teaching material that has been recently updated. Dart is a relatively young programming language so you might want to make sure you get information that has been updated in the past year or so. 

Our Top Picks

Here are Benzinga’s top picks for the best online Dart programming courses. Each course is designed to help you gain a better understanding of the language. We’ve split up the courses based on beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. 

Each category is also sorted based on price point and helps you find the right course for your budget and skill level. 

Dart Programming Course for Beginners

These Dart programming courses are ideal for people who have no experience at all with the programming language. The beginner courses will likely be slower and the instructors might thoroughly describe basic concepts and terminology. 

Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer's Guide

All Levels • 402 videos • 31.2 hours

Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s Guide by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Beginners
  • Price: $149.99

Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s Guide is an intense 31-hour crash course that teaches you all the basics you need to build mobile apps using Dart. 

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create multi-screen apps as well as build and publish open source projects. By understanding the different methods for loading and maintaining apps, you can also build more efficient apps. 

The instructor does recommend that you have some previous programming experience with Java, Python, Javascript or something similar. Reviews of the course are very positive and many students talk about the course’s spot-on pace. You’ll practice building apps as you go, but the instructor pauses and explains why you are doing certain things — that makes it one of the best beginner courses around. 

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Complete Dart programming

Beginner • 37 videos • 5.3 hours

Complete Dart Programming by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Beginners
  • Price: $189.99

The Complete Dart Programming course helps you answer any of the basic questions you might have about the Dart language. To excel at this course, you don’t have to have any special hardware and can learn on either a Mac or Windows computer. In addition, you don’t have to purchase any hardware; you’ll be using Dart and VSCode — a free and popular code editor — to run all the files necessary in this course. 

Plan to someday learn Flutter? This course is a good stepping stone. Throughout the 5-hour course, you’ll learn some of the basic concepts like functions, variables and loops. It even touches on some of the more advanced concepts like cascading, Future and API. 

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Intermediate Dart Programming Course 

These courses are designed for people who have some previous Dart knowledge but want to dip deeper. Perhaps you want to specialize your knowledge or simply want to gain a better understanding. These intermediate Dart programming online courses are the right ones for you.  

Dart – Intermediate Course

Intermediate • 27 videos • 2.1 hours

Dart — Intermediate Course by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Intermediate learners
  • Price: $19.99

Have you taken a beginner Dart course? The Dart — Intermediate Course is the logical next step. In this class, you can continue your journey and learn more about classes, packages, scope and the file system. Throughout the 2 hours, the instructor also explains genetic programming.

You can access all the code for free on GitHub to get extra practice in for free as you learn. 

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Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2020 Edition]

All Levels • 675 videos • 40.7 hours

Learn Flutter and Dart to Build iOS and Android Apps

  • Who it’s for: Intermediate learners who want to build a phone app
  • Price: $199.99

Learn Flutter and Dart to Build iOS and Android Apps is yet another popular option for developers interested in creating native mobile apps on iOS and Android. Some programming experience can help you catch onto the basics faster. 

Once you’ve finished the 59-hour course, you’ll be fully prepared to release your app to the app stores. You’ll be able to handle and validate user input, add animations, page transitions and Google Maps and use native device features like the camera. 

Even though a lot of material is covered, course reviews reveal how clear and concise the information is presented. 

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Advanced Dart Programming Course

These advanced Dart programming courses are designed for people who have experience working with the language but want to master more advanced techniques or concepts. 

Dart – Advanced Course

Expert • 31 videos • 2.4 hours

Dart- Advanced Course by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Advanced learners
  • Price: $19.99

To excel at the Dart- Advanced Course by Udemy, you should have at least an intermediate understanding of the Dart programming language. If you need a refresher course, you can take some of the other classes in Dart language that the course instructor offers. 

You’ll learn how to handle more advanced concepts and code in Dart and work with various processes, encryption, databases, sockets and compression. 

When you’ve completed the course, you’ll earn a certificate of completion and have lifetime access to the material. The 2.5-hour course also comes with 6 articles and various assignments to help you fully understand the material. 

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The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

All Levels • 230 videos • 27.3 hours

The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Advanced learners
  • Price: $199.99

With the help of the Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course, you can learn the advanced programming skills you need to excel at Dart programming. It was very recently updated to include a new module. 

Throughout the 27-hour course, you’ll make real-world apps that mimic popular apps like Yahoo Weather, QuizUp and WhatsApp. You’ll get the chance to build your portfolio and you’ll have more than 15 functional apps to show your potential employer. 

Reviews of the course are extremely complimentary. Many people have praised the instructor’s teaching style and how she breaks up difficult material into small, digestible modules. 

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Dart Masterclass Programming Course: iOS/Android Bible

All Levels • 73 videos • 4.2 hours

Dart Masterclass Programming Course: iOS/Android Bible by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Advanced learners
  • Price: $199.99

The Dart Masterclass Programming Course is perfect for anyone who is passionate about mobile development. As you learn at your own pace during this 4-hour course, you’ll learn advanced techniques to build apps more efficiently. 

You’ll be able to download a started code and final code which will help you track your progress and see your mistakes. You’ll find multiple coding challenges to test out your new skills. There is also a Q&A section available where you can ask questions and get quick responses back. 

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Dart: Choose the Right Course for You

As more and more companies look for employees with programming skills, taking an online Dart course can be a great way to upgrade your resume and advance your career with your programming skills. Discover the right Dart programming course for you to get ahead and gain marketable skills.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should you look for in a great Dart programming course?

What should you look for in a great Dart programming course?

You need to consider the material, updates, costs and instructor’s experience.


What are the best Dart programming courses for beginners?

What are the best Dart programming courses for beginners?

Several excellent courses include Complete Dart Programming by Udemy and Dart and Flutter from Udemy.


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