Hoverbike's Flying Bike And Skully's Sci-Fi Helmet Make Loud Fundraising Statements

A Hoverbike and a smart motorcycle helmet that provides multiple video angles and GPS could be commonly coasting over streets (and possibly over other airways) before you know it. This is the future of adventurous
if two inventions get to the masses. Reported by CNBC as contenders for their General Electric
sponsored viewer-interactive Tech Crowd series, the two seemingly sci-fi works of engineering wonder are battling it out for votes to be this week's Tech Crowd leader.
4 Technologies Combating Auto TheftHoverbike's
“scaled-down consumer motorcycle drone” is blossoming into a “manned flying bike,” and making many dreamers' Back to the Future-esque fantasies a reality after exceeding its Kickstarter fundraising goal of $40,175 with about $55,000 and counting. The
AR-1 smart motorcycle helmet offers riders Internet, GPS navigation, a rearview camera, and handsfree calling. Those internal headphones also work for the rider's choice of music via smartphone. Their goal was $250,000. They just hit a whopping $1,284,198. They're available for pre-order now and due out May 2015. Don't forget to
for one of these brave world-of-tomorrow bikers' delights as this week's Tech Crowd leader.
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