5 Indispensable Tools For A Crypto Investor

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market has been attracting new investors who are willing to transfer part of their capital into digital assets. Nevertheless, not all investors know how to correctly create investment baskets and what services to use to avoid making the wrong choices when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. We have collected the most essential tools for novice crypto investors, which will allow you to avoid making rookie mistakes and losing funds.


The TradingView analytical service is a vital tool for all investors, both beginners and experienced professionals. Experienced traders and analysts post a lot of useful information on the website, including coin analysis and price predictions. In addition, TradingView allows you to observe and keep track of the transactions of successful traders as well as to explore and study coins to include in your investment portfolio. Also, thanks to TradingView’s tools, you can compare cryptocurrency quotes and track the correlations between various assets. This would help you in building and managing your investment basket.

Intelligent Investment Portfolio

The Intelligent Investment Portfolio is a turnkey solution from Zam.io. It is a ready-made investment portfolio that includes over 10 cryptocurrencies. Intelligent investment portfolios are created by experienced analysts and traders who carefully study the market and generate an investment basket made up of both high-risk and low-risk assets as well as stablecoins. In other words, thanks to the Intelligent Investment Portfolio, a novice investor no longer needs to independently study crypto coins, monitor charts, and analyze a huge flow of information. Zam.io specialists have already done all the heavy-duty work. Still, Intelligent Investment Portfolio owners will have the option to independently modify their portfolios by altering some selected assets in the portfolio or entirely replacing them with other assets.


The TradeLink analytical platform allows you to track the trading volumes of a particular trader on a cryptocurrency exchange. Using API keys, the service functionalities allow you to confirm or refute the disclosed trading outcomes. This helps investors in choosing the most effective trader and delegating him with the management of their assets. The service takes several data into account such as profitability, drawdown, trading account size, absolute profit, among others. This aggregated data allows an investor to draw the right conclusions and to avoid falling victim to a fraudulent trader.


This is a service that no investor can do without. The analytical platform collects and consolidates information about an asset’s value and its trading volumes for the preceding 24 hours, or even the days, weeks, months and years before. It also considers the fluctuations in the prices of cryptocurrencies with respect to Bitcoin or the US dollar. Moreover, CoinMarketCap  provides data about new coins that are just getting ready to enter the market and informs investors about ICOs and other investment activities.


CoinMerketCal is not to be confused with the analytical platform CoinMarketCap. It is not a research tool, but the largest cryptocurrency calendar. On CoinMerketCal, you can find out about upcoming updates and launches of new cryptocurrencies. There you can also find interesting AMA sessions conducted by prominent investors and traders and participate in free token distributions launched by crypto startups.


Cryptocurrency investing is a complicated and risky activity, but if you use particular services, you can reduce the risk of losing funds to a minimum. Furthermore, there are ready-made investment solutions on the market today that do not require the user to have a strong investment background. Professional analysts and traders have done all the hard work on your behalf. Therefore, if you are seriously considering investing in cryptocurrencies, make sure to save this article.

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