EXCLUSIVE: Unpacking Pixel Vault's PUNKS Comic, MetaHero Universe With Founder GFunk

When individuals started developing personalities that aligned with their Twitter avatars, an opportunity arose for a business to drive value to the NFTs that were being used to represent the people behind the accounts. Cut to the birth of Pixel Vault. 

Pixel Vault was created as an intellectual property business designed to drive value to NFTs, GFunk, founder of Pixel Vault, PUNKS Comic and MetaHero, said Tuesday on Benzinga's new NFT show "The Roadmap."

Pixel Vault's two biggest IPs are PUNKS Comic and the MetaHero Universe, which feature artwork from former Marvel Studios and DC Comics artist Chris Wahl

PUNKS Comic: When GFunk first got the idea for the PUNKS Comic NFT project, he reached out to Pixel Vault investor and advisor Beanie to discuss artwork. Beanie put out a tweet calling for the best artists in the world regardless of cost, according to GFunk.

"Chris [Wahl] was one of the people that responded to that tweet," he said. 

After talking with Wahl and reviewing some of his work, GFunk said he realized Wahl was "the perfect fit for what we were trying to create with the PUNKS Comic."

The PUNKS Comic ended up taking about five weeks to sell out, but those who believed in the vision from the beginning are being rewarded for it, GFunk told Benzinga. 

Pixel Vault launched PUNKS Comic in May and the NFTs could be minted for 0.2 ETH — Ether, Ethereum's ETH/USD native token. 

According to OpenSea, the floor price for PUNKS Comic was 2.8 ETH at time of publication.

MetaHero Universe: Pixel Vault's other NFT Project, MetaHero Universe, combines elements of gaming with NFTs to create a metaverse where users can play, earn and interact. 

The MetaHero Universe: Identities NFT project is where users can buy NFT characters to be used in the MetaHero game. 

According to the project description on OpenSea, "MetaHero Identities are a collection of heroes, villains, and mutants native to the MetaHero Universe. The Core Collection consists of 146 fully matched MetaHero concept characters, including two special mints, collaboratively designed by project creatives Chris Wahl and Odious."

The MetaHero Universe is expected to take "quite a bit of time" to fully develop, however GFunk said the team plans to "stagger it intelligently" so that people can experience the game as it's developed. 

He expects that Pixel Vault is about a year away from releasing a functional game incorporating the NFT characters, although he said it's too early to confirm a timeline for its release.

"I think it's going to be really fun seeing those two worlds intertwined," GFunk said.

The Pixel Vault founder told Benzinga that he thinks those who are willing to be patient with the MetaHero Universe project will be rewarded in the same way that those who believed in the vision for PUNKS Comics and bought in early have been rewarded. 

GFunk acknowledged the user base needs to become much larger for the game to be successful, so Pixel Vault is finding creative ways to grant people access to the community.

By following along with the backstory and development of the Pixel Vault projects, you can uncover new opportunities to enter the MetaHero Universe and potentially unlock additional value with your NFTs. 

GFunk went on to talk about MetaHero Planets, Sidekicks, generative identities, media opportunities and more.

See the full interview here: 

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