Step Aside Dogecoin, People Are Now On The Hunt For A 'Bunny Crypto'

Step Aside Dogecoin, People Are Now On The Hunt For A 'Bunny Crypto'

While a tweet from Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk may have inadvertently sent the price of Shiba Inu SHIB/USD skyrocketing, it is not the only coin to have garnered attention.

What Happened: A quick deep-dive into Google Trends reveals that post the ambiguous tweet from Musk, search results for bunny-themed coins surged on the platform. One such keyword is "bunny crypto", which saw a 1,550% increase. Among others, "rocket bunny" saw a 1,500% increase, "rabbit crypto" saw a rise in search by 1,450%, and "rocket bunny crypto" searches spiked by 1,400%.

Rokens featuring the word "bunny" have also increased in value with CoinMarketCap showing the likes of Bunny Park BP/USD,  Pancake Bunny BUNNY/USD, Little Angry Bunny V2 LAB/USD, Rewards Bunny RBUNNY/USD gaining in value.

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Similarly, CoinGecko shows that the price for BunnyRocket BUNNYROCKET/USD has seen gains of over 88.1% on the day, while the price of Rocket Bunny BUNNY/USD has increased by 252.1% on the day at the time of press. 

In the tweet, Musk didn't give the details but the figure resembles a bunny holding a rocket, often interpreted as "to the moon" meme used in the cryptocurrency community.

Musk's message remains open to interpretation, with some seeing a Shiba Inu mascot in them, some others saying it's a reference to Dogecoin, and the rest scrambling to find cryptocurrencies with "bunny" featuring in their names. 

The Tesla and Space X founder has made a habit of affecting the cryptocurrency markets through his tweets. Musk has played a key role in helping Dogecoin DOGE/USD break into the mainstream, with his tweets and opinions also having an impact on the apex cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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