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The Next Hot Altcoin? Zilliqa Outperforming Dogecoin, Bitcoin And Ethereum Thursday

May 6, 2021 1:48 pm
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The Next Hot Altcoin? Zilliqa Outperforming Dogecoin, Bitcoin And Ethereum Thursday

Zilliqa (CRYPTO:ZIL), a cryptocurrency launched in 2017, is up about 17% over the past 24 hours at $0.2493 at press time and is outperforming Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH).

Like many other cryptocurrencies, Zilliqa has had a meteoric rise throughout the last six months. In November, Zilliqa was trading at $0.02 a coin.

Zilliqa boasts a unique "sharding" feature that allows the coin to grow in an efficient manner.

“Zilliqa solves the prevailing issue of scalability using its own unique sharding technique, which allows the blockchain to scale in a linear fashion as the network grows in size,” its website says. “Its ability to handle a large volume of transactions makes it suitable to meet enterprise needs.”

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Scilla is a coding language built on Zilliqa and blockchain technology that allows for secure “smart contracts.” Scilla was built to tackle many security issues that hold back other languages.

“In addition to using well-studied and established mechanisms to validate transactions, Zilliqa is powered by the first peer-reviewed and safe-by-design smart contract language called Scilla,” according to the website.

Prospective traders and investors should know Zilliqa’s market cap has been steadily growing and is among the top 30 largest market cap for cryptocurrencies at press time.

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