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Dogecoin Creator Says Meme Coin's Development Has Kept Pace With Bitcoin

April 22, 2021 9:29 pm
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Dogecoin Creator Says Meme Coin's Development Has Kept Pace With Bitcoin

Dogecoin (DOGE) co-creator Billy Markus said Thursday that DOGE has “kept pace with Bitcoin’s code,” denying claims the project had turned stagnant. 

What Happened: Markus took to Twitter Inc’s (NASDAQ:TWTR) social media platform to decry misinformation surrounding DOGE development.

“If anyone says there are no devs on Dogecoin and nothing is being done, they are spreading misinformation,” tweeted Markus.

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He pointed to the DOGE development team’s Twitter profile and said they had maintained the project “all these years.”

In a separate tweet, he said, “The core team has consistently updated to keep pace with Bitcoin's code.”

Markus came down strongly on those, he said were, spreading misinformation and said they were “disrespectful to the devs, who have put their energy in.”

On the same day, Markus also touched on the inflationary tendencies of DOGE and said other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were also inflationary.

Why It Matters:  Markus said on Thursday that the project was handed off to DOGE’s current development team seven years ago.

The Dogecoin co-creator told Benzinga last month that sold all his cryptocurrency holdings which spanned BTC, Litecoin (LTC), and DOGE in July 2015 for nearly $10,000. 

At the time DOGE traded at $0.0002 but since then it has grown a whopping 129,150%. At press time, DOGE traded 12.74% lower at $0.26.

Last week, the Shiba Inu-themed cryptocurrency touched an all-time high of $0.43 but has since fallen 40.94% post a lackluster DOGE day when its fans tried but failed to pump it to $0.69 or $ 1 levels.
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Still, BTC’s year-to-date gains stand at an impressive 5,420.69% beating those of BTC and ETH which clocked YTD gains of 78.14% and 224.49% respectively. 

BTC traded 4% lower at $51,241.17, while ETH traded 2.25% higher at $2,374.23 at press time.

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Photo by Play Your Place on Flickr

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